Free-For-All Friday #19

Fridays are coming around so quickly it seems at the moment and here we are will into July, and the midst of a beautiful summer.

I have some wonderful blogs to share with you this week, that will make your Friday even better! There is a mixed bag of goodies as usual,some funny, some inspirational, but of course, all brilliant in their own way. Please check out these blogs if you have not already done so, as you really don’t want to miss out on some of the other posts that they have written!

10 Years A Single Mom A heartfelt and heartwarming post from a loving mother. This blog is all about spreading the love!

John D Eccles This post did make me laugh. I like the style it is written in, and the self-deprecating humour. The poor hapless husband, who tries hard!

Fill Your Own Glass The lovely and wise Karen has written a great post here which, although makes lots of sense, many of us still do not put it into practice.

Little Miss Menopause This post, although not on Stephanie’s actual blog, was written by her for an online article. It is a beautiful story of a real act of love.

Runaway Nuns And Leprechauns A fun post that I really enjoyed. so cute!

So there is a small selection for you to get stuck into and enjoy!

Happy Friday! 🙂

21 thoughts on “Free-For-All Friday #19

  1. Hi, I realize I’m a bit late but I’ve been off attending family reunion festivities and had no internet service.
    Returning to find that our blog has made your “Friday Free for All” list is quite thrilling! Thanks so much for including us and thanks for providing us with a list of greats to check out.
    We’re off to see what’s out there!!!

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  2. Edwina,
    I read two of the blogs you posted – 10 years a single mom and Little Miss Menopause- enjoyed both these posts and many others on their blogs- thanks for sharing. I will get around to reading the others soon.

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