Episode 418: The Delights of Decorating!

Tomorrow Miss Hap breaks up for the summer holidays until early September! This is always a nightmare as far as childcare is concerned as myself and Mr Grump usually take a couple of alternate weeks off each, and for the others I work a couple of nights and a day over the weekend. We are lucky that we can do this, and Mr Grump has got the first week off next week.

Miss Hap has decided that she wants to totally redecorate her room as she has grown tired of it! We only did it a couple of years ago in the orange and lime green that she wanted. (It sounds a bit loud but I really like it actually, although I was a bit reluctant at first)! As her room was the last one to be done it was not next on my list at all, but as she had worked so hard at school lately despite a very rocky start, and won an award on Monday for German and Music I am considering it.Β I also have an ulterior motive in that her room is a mess, and I told her if she cleaned it out spotlessly I might think about it.

Now she has already been giving her orders about colour schemes and what she wants to do. In fact, bless her, she cut a load of letters out to stick on her wall already as you can see in the pic. Now I hateΒ decorating (well the mess that goes with it), and get very stressed with furniture all over the place and other stuff strewn about, so I have decided that this part of the deal will go to Mr Grump!

He likes painting and decorating, and if he doesn’t get it done next week (along with some other chores I have given him to do), then he is off Β the first week in August and can do it then. It’s a shame really, because I have got to work and he will have to do it all by himself (no doubt a lot of direction from Miss Hap too)!!


33 thoughts on “Episode 418: The Delights of Decorating!

  1. I’m hoping to repaint all of my main living spaces in the fall, once the bugs are gone so they don’t embed themselves in the ceiling paint. Time for a freshening up around here. I wish your husband luck with his painting! To me the worst is the disruption of having a room emptied out into the rest of the house that’s disturbing.

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  2. We did the girls’ bedrooms in the week before we moved in two years ago. By we, I mean, The Mister and FIL helped paint, The Mister hung things with toggle bolts, MIL accompanied me shopping and I did everything else. It was a labor of love, since we lived in military housing and hadn’t had painted walls since they were in the nursery.
    Moo’s room is also orange, like cantaloupe. I even painted a mural in her room! Sassy’s is a steely blue. Their walls certainly fit their personality, and I haven’t heard any complaints since we finished…but then, I warned them no one was getting new walls or new bedding or new curtains until high school, and that tidiness was essential. Because what is the point of redecorating a pig sty?!?
    I keep my bedroom extremely clean and tidy, and therefore, I will soon re-paint my room πŸ˜›

    PS: English school schedules seem really weird. Not much of a summer. That must be how y’all have time to learn the metric system and world geography. πŸ˜‰

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    1. Ha Ha! Are your kids on their school hols now then? Ours get the middle of ‘summer’ which is quite often wet and rainy!
      It is great that you all got involved in doing the girls’ rooms, and those colours sound lovely πŸ™‚

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