Free-For-All Friday #21

It’s Friday already, how this week has raced past. Time to take it easy now and relax with some wonderful reading material, courtesy of our wonderful blogging friends. This week I have chosen some thoughtful, funny, thankful and downright silly posts for you to enjoy. Please do go and visit these blogs as they all have loads more posts that are just as brilliant!

Beyond The Picket Fence This post is something I dread when my daughter gets a bit older, especially when I remember what I was like!  This is thoughtful and honest and I enjoyed it.

Nutsrok Now Linda’s blog always guarantees a good laugh. She is one fantastic story-teller with a wacky family which always gives her plenty of fodder for her posts. This post is a little different but no less funny.

The Ninth Life Although this is a very short post, it is no less inspirational, and I could certainly relate to it.

A View From My Summerhouse  As you now I love a bit of Flash Fiction. Here it is done with a slight twist as it is in the form of a poem.

But I Smile Anyway. Ritu’s blog always has a bit of everything on it, but all of it is positive and happy. This short post is very good advice indeed.

A Prompt Reply This post was lovely. The photos were so beautiful, and it is lovely to hear about someone discovering a new passion!

Susie Speaks A positive and happy post, reminding us all that we do have many wonderful things in our lives when we stop and think about it.

I hope you enjoy these posts as much as I did.

Happy Friday everyone 🙂

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