Episode 443: Taking Advantage

I always try my hardest

When I am at work

I’ll do anything they ask me

And never skive or shirk

Yet everyday they ask for more

Way above my grade

At first I was so flattered

At the impression I had made

Little did I realise

They got so much more for less

All the responsibility

Not to mention extra stress

I cannot be promoted

Unless I start anew

But for now it’s ok

Till the newbies learn what to do

But God forbid I mention

That I still don’t feel that well

Always feeling tired

and generally like hell!

‘Perhaps we should get you checked out

To see if you are still fit’

Yet when there was no-one else

They didn’t mind a bit!

33 thoughts on “Episode 443: Taking Advantage

  1. If writing like this comes from being crabby, then I need to be crabby more often.

    It’s a great poem Judy. I have to be in a certain frame of mind before I can be creative. You seem to have it all covered.

    I hope things improve at work. Whatever you do, don’t let them get to you. They will gladly take, take, take, but hardly ever give, give, give. Well that’s my experience anyway.

    BTW, sorry for the delay but I’ll be completing that writing challenge you set me, later today πŸ™‚

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  2. The sad part is you may be working and doing much more than your pay grade but if you ever back off, even a little and work to your pay grade some people may think you’re now slacking off. They get used to a certain work habit from you and even though the person next to you never worked as hard, you’ll be the one who has shown a dip in effort because that other person only worked at one level of effort, even though you are now doing the same work. Very unfair. Hang in there.

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