Episode 455: Throwback Thursday: 7 Things I Learned Whilst Growing Up in the 80’s

  1. Leg warmers look good on nobody! It doesn’t matter what colour they were or whether they were teamed with high-heeled boots (yes really), they were pretty ugly.
  2. Ghetto blasters might have been the latest in portable technology, but they were bloody heavy to carry about and cost a fortune in batteries!
  3. Some men could actually look good in eyeliner! Adam Ant, Phil Oakey and of course Boy George to name but a few.
  4. Live-Aid was a once in a lifetime event, and ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’ by the original artists was the best version!
  5. Roller Discos were not a good idea for a clumsy klutz like me! Adding wheels to the mix and lots of people is a recipe for disaster.
  6. I am a huge wimp but also a glutton for punishment, as I saw all of the ‘Friday 13th.’ ‘Halloween’ and ‘Nightmare on Elmstreet’ films. However, the worst one was ‘The Entity.’ I couldn’t sleep for ages after watching that….the music!
  7. Michael Jackson really was the ‘King of Pop.’ The release of the ‘Thriller album just confirmed it.

24 thoughts on “Episode 455: Throwback Thursday: 7 Things I Learned Whilst Growing Up in the 80’s

  1. Yes to 4 and 7. Number 1…maybe on actual dancers. I never gave up my roller skates. To this day, when I take my kids to the skating rink (they on their in-lines, me on my quads), I am still a thirteen year old girl with wind and roach clip feathers in my hair (obviously, my parents didn’t know what those things were really used for).

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  2. I had an Accidental Backcombed Mullet 😦 I used to cut my own hair, but of course couldn’t reach the back. I backcombed the sides and top to cover up the Edward Scissorhands look! I had a lot of fluoroscent ankle socks. I loved all the Synth bands – at the time! We were so young….. 🙂

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  3. The good old 80s. Ohe well, what a great time. We had so much fun, music was like invented new and we were all crazy with our colors and styles!!!! Glad you mentioned MJ. An inseparable part of the 80s. Love the post, Judy.


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