Episode 457: Go On, Spit it Out!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Break the Silence.”

I thought that I would have a go at today’s writing prompt from the Daily Post as it was something that resonates with me.

I have always been pretty timid and shy, as well as a people pleaser so the idea of speaking out about something is alien to me. I would rather carry on being taken advantage of, worrying or seething inside than confronting the issue head-on and trying to sort out the problem.

Oh yes, I know that I should speak up or shut up,as opposed to bottling everything up, until the inevitable explosion, where I would end up incoherently blabbing about something that happened ages ago!

Mostly though, I chose to keep quiet. Notice I said chose.Β I am becoming stronger, especially now that I am fast approaching the half a century milestone, and realise that life already too short is getting a damn sight shorter!

I have, little by little, been speaking up about things. There are still many that I can’t broach yet as I do not want to lose one of my friends (she has a partner who I have begun to see in a totally different light, and it is not pleasant)m but there are also some situations that I have tackled and I am pleased I did.

I e-mailed my boss and outlined my concerns at work. I did get called into her office, and explained what was wrong. After consulting with a senior member of staff who backed me up, she did take it seriously (shame she couldn’t just take my word for it, but at least I got somewhere).

I am also speaking up when I am not feeling ‘well’ (anxiety) which I just left until it got too much and would have to go to the doctor. Β I think people are pretty understanding about it.

I have began to realise that no-one else is going to understand my resentment of a situation if I do not let them know that it is upsetting me for whatever reason. So I am going to assert myself more and ‘spit it out!’

39 thoughts on “Episode 457: Go On, Spit it Out!

  1. I have similar issues speaking out just in case everyone then hates me, but I’m discovering lately that whenever I do speak out, there are usually others around me who were just dying to do the same

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    1. Thanks Judy. No, I don’t watch Dr Who.
      I have just been over to visit your blog and enjoyed your post on the prompt words ‘fantastic finish’ that you used from Jennifer Wells’ generator. I think I might have a go with that myself! Thanks for coming over and comenting


      1. I asked about Dr.Who because of the red phonebox in your picture. He is an intergalactic traveler who travels by means of one of those booths. It sets down “wherever” and is so ubiquitous, no one realizes it is anything but a phone booth. For anyone who has watched the show, which has gone on since the 50’s, I believe, a British phone booth has a definite connotation!

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      2. Oh yes, I used to watch it as a child, He had a ‘tardis’ which is a phone box.
        The reason I chose to have my pic taken with the phone box is because it is an icon of Britishness and I wanted to convey that πŸ™‚


  2. I used to be that way too. My first therapist, back in 2001, sensed this and worked on assertiveness with me as much as she did with my other issues. I owe her a lot. I’m still not strongly outspoken, but I’, not nearly as passive as I used to be.

    I’m glad you spoke up.

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  3. With you on this one, Edwina – bottle up and then bluster – getting better though. Yet can speak out when it’s racism, homophobia or such downright nastiness – it’s the little slights I’ve airways taken on board and done nothing about. So good for you!!


  4. When I looked at the title I thought it was tuesday already…….
    No seriously you go girl speak up don’t ever cower to anyone except maybe Ritu and Erika they’re dangerous.
    But yeah Judy I know you’ve got ball stand up and say your bit more oftenπŸ˜‰

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