Episode 461: Recycled Teenager.

When my dad was well into his seventies, he and my step-mother still tried to live life to its fullest. They went off on all sorts of cruises everywhere, and when they were back at home, were members of various clubs; ‘The Walkers’ club and ‘Munch Club’ speak for themselves but they also belonged to what they referred to as the ‘Recycled Teenagers’ club, where a group of like-minded pensioners strutted their stuff to music and got up to all sorts of mischief.

For me, the teenage years although pretty uneventful are not ones that I would be keen to revisit. The one thing that I didn’t get as a teenager (apart from a bust, which I was very resentful about), was spots.

Yes, I was lucky as many of my peers suffered with dreadful acne that was both painful and soul-destroying for a young image-conscious teen. I escaped with the odd spot once a month and that was it.

So why the hell at nearly 50 years old have I suddenly got 4 spots on my face! All at once, all in the same day. I mentioned that I had a pretty rough day yesterday, but when I got home and took off my glasses, I thought the bridge of my nose was sore where they had rubbed, but no, there was a spot there, its twin had settled just near the corner of my eye, the triplet by the corner of my mouth, and its quadruplet right on top of a small mole I have just under my chin!

Not the most attractive sight in the world but when I asked Mr Grump to look at the one on my nose, he just laughed because it had caused the bridge of my nose to swell up a bit, making me look a little bit odd and distorted (well more than usual anyway)!

I know sometimes as we get older it is said that we recede back to our childhood! What happened to the 40s, 30s and 20s??!!!

34 thoughts on “Episode 461: Recycled Teenager.

  1. Sometimes the affects of life itself can do strange things to our bodies. My partner recently had Chickenpox. When he told me what the spots were and that the doctor had confirmed he had chickenpox I just burst out laughing saying that only children get chickenpox. How wrong was I, and how sad I was when I watched him suffer with it. Apparently it’s worse when catching the illness when an adult than it is when a child.

    I hope life improves soon Judy, and that those spots get blasted away.

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    1. Yes chicken pox is nasty in an adult, poor thing, or sometimes it goes to shingles which is horrendous, either way painful. I hope he has recovered now. Thanks for your kind wishes Hugh, the spots are a lovely angry red today so I shall be giving the poor patients nightmares tonight when I go in or my nightshift!


  2. So sorry :/ I’m gonna say the recent heat, stress, and inevitable hormone fluctuations play into this. On my own account, it seems terribly unfair to have wrinkles and zits at the same time. Don’t even get me started on the Rosacea!

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  3. I feel for you. I’m 61 and I just developed one at the bottom corner of my nose. Could be all the humid weather were having recently and sweating a lot. Hope for brevity in our spots.

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      1. I think my worst attack was actually the nigh before my wedding! a 4 headed monster appeared on my forehead… thankfully my skilful beautician disguised it as one of my bindis!!!!

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