Episode 463: Tuesday Tidbit: Foreign Bodies (18+)

Today I thought I would do something a little different for the Tidbit, and look at some of the strangest objects that have ‘accidentally’ found their way into people’s rectums and have had to be removed in hospital!

  • Aerosol cans: For some reason deodorant is rather popular!
  • Glass bottles and light bulbs! You would have to sit down very gingerly.
  • Oranges and aubergines. What a terrible waste of food.
  • A coffee jar. I should imagine it was instant rather than filter.
  • An egg. That had got to have been hard-boiled surely.
  • Curtain rod. Not the right way to draw attention to oneself!

Some people always go that little bit too far!

26 thoughts on “Episode 463: Tuesday Tidbit: Foreign Bodies (18+)

  1. Oh gawd and I thought you and mr grumpy were strange. Yes, and I’ve heard of little furry animals paying a visit up there. I can’t believe someone would put those things inside their jacksie. I can just imagine going into casualty doing eggy farts and walking a little funny and that orange and aubergine might come in handy after sitting in the waiting room for hours dying of hunger. The one that gets me the most is the curtain rod… really? Was it the swish kind or the wooden poles with large brown ring?

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    1. Ha Ha! Trust you Cat! I don’t know where to begin with your comments! I don’t think I would be up for the 2nd hand orange or aubergine no matter how hungry I was! As for the brown ring comment…..brilliant!!! Furry animals…..what the hell????


  2. I used to work in an ER and I have seen all of those–and more. I still don’t understand how/why people would do that, but more importantly, it saddens me that people are in a state/situation/condition to think “can I fit a lightbulb there?” and actually do it…

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  3. I made friends with an ER nurse years ago, and two things surprised me: one, the stories, and two, the utter calm as he told them like they were just normal, everyday stories!


  4. Why do people do these things!
    I remember watching a programmes about this and in Japan it was the bike phone that was the most retrieved item, as girls, and guys, set their phones to vibrate, inserted them in silly places, and asked their partners to ring them…. Really??!!

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