Episode 469: Five Fashion Favourites for Foul Weather!

We have had a few heavy downpours today as the weather is so hot and humid. I thought it might be a bit of fun to share with you some wet weather gear from past and present, designed to keep us dry whilst keeping an eye on fashion (well, whatever it was at the time anyway):

I remember my Nan had one of these. She never went anywhere without it and it folded down into around an inch square. By the time she unwrapped it, her little bit of candy floss hair was soaked!!


The good old mushroom brolly. I remember walking to the bus stop after school smoking, when this umbrella barged into me and demanded to know my name and which form I was in. Underneath this mushroom lurked a very short, bad-tempered teacher, who was well-hidden in its depths. She reported me!

Mushroom Brolly

These head umbrellas were quite popular. I was going to share with you a photo of my brother sporting one of these along with his 80’s perm and sunglasses (?) but I value my life too much for that, so here it is modelled by a head instead.Head unbrella.

Of course, you can’t leave your little four-legged friend to get soaked so here is one for the pampered pooch.

Doggy Raincoat

Now, I have saved the very best till last. This needs no explanationΒ other than WHAT THE HELL WAS SHE THINKING?!!!


61 thoughts on “Episode 469: Five Fashion Favourites for Foul Weather!

  1. Lol, that last one was frightening! Just the other day I was out and forgot my umbrella as the sky threatened rain. I remembered those plastic bonnets and was wondering where I could still get one to keep in my purse. πŸ™‚

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      1. And my hairstyle? I know, I know, looks like somebody put a pudding basin on my head and did the cut. At least I didn’t get wet. Those daft people who go out without their coats thinking their’re all macho!! I think they look far more dafter than me.

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      2. There, there, Hugh. Of course you look wonderful with your classy outfit and stylish haircut. Now just come with me, I have got some lovely ‘sweeties. that you like that will make you feel better again, πŸ™‚

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  2. Oh my, I’d forgotten the little plastic square that unfolded into a bonnet to protect Nan’s fairy floss thin hair… too funny…
    The other amazingly useful wet weather fashion accessory downunder is the plastic poncho with hood … similarly folded into a tiny square. They’re a particularly popular at sporting events.

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  3. I think I had one of the first items you listed… And as for the last….???!!! OMG!!
    I remember watching Esther Rantzen on That’s Life, and they showed glasses with windscreen wipers!!

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