Episode 472: Wacky Word Wednesday #16.

Wednesday is here again so soon, and I have been toying with a couple of words this week that have caught my fancy. The one I have settled on, is a word that seems to have a comical air about it before it has even been applied to anything. although it is not something that I would want flung in my direction!

Flabby. This word is flaccid and floppy, droopy and dangling, It is that loose bit of skin under your arms that is wiggly and jiggly, wobbling about like a party jelly that has only just set, and is desperate to slide off the plate.

Years ago when I had attempted to make Yorkshire pudding, my efforts were described as ‘flabby’ by a male friend of my sister’s! This could have been due to the fact that it was rather limp and lacklustre!

Being a bit out of shape, and rather baggy and saggy myself, this word aptly describes my figure!

29 thoughts on “Episode 472: Wacky Word Wednesday #16.

  1. I am distinctly flabby on my upper arms and just under my belt. I prefer to say my belly is squishy and I prefer to keep my arms covered 😉 I actually look back at photos of me when I was young and thin/super-fit, and realize I have had flabby arms since puberty, but never noticed, lol!

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  2. Flabby yorkshire puds. How novel! Mine were described as frisbees.
    (Note: your site has a ghost today, without touching anything, your rolled into 4 different fonts, bounced into three different formats, and were continually loading/being transferred from just about everything on the planet! Now that’s what I call popular!)

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