Episode 476: Inspiration and Motivation.

Not a bad end to the week really when I find that I have actually lost 3lb! I have had quite a bit of inspiration and encouragement from so many of you lovely bloggers, and have tentatively put a foot forward on the tightrope that is going to lead me to a healthier life, once I get to the other side.

The 3lb has had a knock-on effect in that I actually felt motivated to get out into the fresh air and have a brisk walk to shake off the inertia that had settled on me this morning, (That might have something to do with Miss Hap having a very noisy sleepover last night and me not getting a lot of sleep)!

As I am off this week I can even paint my nails, which is a luxury indeed! I have already raided Miss Hap’s extensive nail varnish collection and chosen 5 bright colours to pretty up my toenails but am going to take my time choosing something for my finger nails.

I have even been sociable with ‘My Fitness Pal’ telling him all about my lovely low-calorie meals and Β fruit and veg intake, in order that he can monitor my progress (poor thing is easily pleased)!

I am really grateful that motivation turned up this week as it is usually hiding away somewhere unwilling to get involved. It makes such a huge difference, especially when inspiration and support had already joined the party. It means that I have got more chance of getting success Β and achievement to come round!

42 thoughts on “Episode 476: Inspiration and Motivation.

  1. Wow 3lbs is quite a loss, Edwina, well done… you’ll notice the difference in no time and that will only motivate you more. I’ve still got 30inch waist trousers in the cupboard, just in case I stop eating donuts and ice cream…. you had better save some pennies for the new wardrobe that you well deserve

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  2. Great cartoon! And it’s always the Skinny Ones who say that they would have shared…. You’ve motivated me to get back out there. I’ve been dangling from the wagon this last wee while; holding on with hand while the other stuffs Pringles in my mouth. Of course, I’m also on a Lifestyle Change, so I’m trying not to get hung up on it. I am a bit nervous stepping on the scales – so far they’re bearing up, nothing lost, but nothing gained either! The Kid and I were out on the bikes this afternoon, nearly flipping killed the pair of us! Will put in a bit of effort this week. Hope your motivation stays put πŸ™‚

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