Episode 483: Seven Signs That Summer is Almost Over

  1. The last little rose has poked  its head out of the now mass of leaves, (some of which are turning brown) and it won’t be long before they are cut back for next year.
  2. The blankets are out! Yes, the weather is turning chillier, and we all have our little blankets that we like to snuggle under in our house. Roxy nicked my place on the settee and Mr Grump fussed around setting her down so she is warm and snug
  3. The nights are drawing in very rapidly; it is now getting dark so much earlier in the evening and, unfortunately, the early mornings are also getting darker making it harder to get up.
  4. The dressing gowns are coming out of hibernation as well now, It won’t be long before the fleecy pyjamas get an airing either!
  5. Only the true stalwarts are still cutting about in shorts! I know the English like to get them on as soon as it is either officially ‘summer’ regardless of weather, or we get a bit of decent sunshine regardless of the season!
  6. The colds and flu have started already! Yes, as some of you know, Mr Grump has already got ‘man flu’ and no doubt the rest of us will end up succumbing to it!
  7. All the Christmas stuff has started making its way into the shops! Gah!

Roxy Snuggling

49 thoughts on “Episode 483: Seven Signs That Summer is Almost Over

  1. I’m not much on the roses here – they aren’t well suited to our climate and always end up with moldy leaves – but I do adore my begonias. Thankfully they will look fantastic until first frost.

    No blankets here either, we are still running the A/C at full blast and as a middle aged woman going through “the change” I can’t wait for some cooler temperatures!

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      1. Got my big duvet out, and I even had a hot water bottle with me last night!
        Got caught in rain, waiting for Lil Man’s training to finish yesterday, think I’m getting a cold now…GREAT!

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      2. Awwww hugs😜 I’ve had a bit of a head cold this last week. But its still summer summer summertime. The power of positive thinking. 😜


      1. I’m sorry you’ve had rain all month. It starts to get to you after a while. My mom said it’s been hot this past week; we’re actually in England right now celebrating my birthday and our anniversary. So, we’ve been enjoying a few of those rainy days, too. 😉

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  2. We’re getting a beautiful extension of summer here in Canada which is very unusual. Last year, the leaves were changing colour in mid-August. No major signs yet of autumn. Strange, but I’ll take it.

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      1. When my daughter lived in England she told me how bad the isolatin was and how the cold air came in by the closed windows. It was warm on the first floor. But with every added floor it got colder. I mean it is cold over here too in winter we can have down to -20 °C. But the houses are well isolated. That’s why I left my fleece pyjamas in the drawers… lol

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      2. Ha Ha! I don’t always wear them to bed as it gets too hot!
        My mum’s old house was freezing cold, with a draught coming in through the doors. It was not that well insulated (it is not isolated Erika, that is when something is cut off from everything else) 🙂

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