Episode 488: Things I like

For today’s Writing 101 prompt, we are to write a list. I decided that  mine would be about things that I like:

Having long and beautifully shaped nails. Unfortunately, as you can see, mine are neither! This is about as long as I dare let them get for work. (It was weird looking at my hands as they are so bloody ugly, which I had never realised before)!


The beautiful scent of roses and sweet peas. These can just lift the spirits of anyone who is feeling down. Not only with their beautiful smell, but they look so pretty too.


1950s style fashions: I love the full-skirted dresses that were popular in this era, the makeup, the shoes, and the hair (that’s basically everything then)! If only I had an hour-glass figure to suit the style then all would be well in my little world!

50s dress

A witty and dry put-down or come back I can never think of a reply quick enough when anyone says something cutting to me, so I admire those that are a master of clever quips!

Nasty Look

A clean & tidy bay full of patients. I love it when all of my patients are washed and dressed, with their hair brushed. Looking and feeling comfortable and relaxed.(Please note I used an old picture of a hospital ward in the 1970s as it looked better in those days)!!!


Being told I look young for my age. It used to be a real pain when I was younger being constantly asked for ID, but now it is a bonus being taken for a few years younger (As I was in this pic)!

A Younger me
Playing games with family, we are all so competitive, and it can get a bit heated. the banter is particularly funny between Mr Grump and my brother-in-law (Mr Musician)!

Daybreak in the summer when it is around 4am The beautiful sunrise is a sight to behold.


Having a good cry over a film/song/book! I am a big softie and cry at anything sad (shhh, so does Mr Grump)!


Learning something new. I always like to try to stretch myself, and love trying new things. Actually just yesterday as well as starting the Writing 101 course, I also started one on Open University for 6 weeks all about identifying a dead body! (We get our own case to solve and everything, using the forensics that we are going to be learning).



45 thoughts on “Episode 488: Things I like

  1. “Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens”…I like your list better, Judy, and can relate to it much better. I cut my nails short when I had babies…using them as my excuse while nursing. I still use that as my excuse, and my daughter turns 32 tomorrow ! ❤️

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  2. I hope you’ve tried Balderdash as one of your family games. It’s fantastic fun and you can be as competitive as you like. Brilliant trying to spot the liars.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx


  3. Your nails look cool to me and don’t you think hands look entirely different from that angle. Looking at them with fingers pointing away always makes them look thinner, or maybe that’s just a trick of our mind! Your dress looks lovely, floral’s ‘in’ at the mo… soon you’ll be getting it taken in at the seams 🙂 The OU course sounds great, I’m considering doing something too. Your course might come in handy next time Mr Grump has man-flu

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    1. Thanks so much Cat. I hope I will soon be taking in that dress, You are so right about that forensics course. Mr Grump beware. Go to Future Learn, they have so many courses and you can even join in this one if you fancy it as you can do it at you own pace if you want,

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  4. That comment about your hands made me laugh. I’ve been wearing less and less jewelry lately because I don’t want to call attention to my hands. 🙂
    Great list. I’m with you on the sunrise but too damn lazy to actually get up and see it. That dead body thing sounds interesting. I’m a tired old slug next to you 🙂

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