Episode 491: Tweets to Inspire

Social media seems to be so popular now, that if you are not using it then you are seriously missing out on a whole new audience.

For today’s Writing 101 task, we are taking our inspiration from quotes that have been posted on Twitter.There were five inspirational quotes, each on a different topic that we could choose from. The quote above regarding education is the one that resonated most with me.

I love to learn new things, whether it be something work related, like administering intravenous drugs, or showing off a dress or skirt that I had made from scratch (actually I am not at this stage yet, even though I have made a few items of clothing)! Life is full or new and interesting things for us to try.

For me, learning fulfils my thirst for knowledge, but it is one that will never be fully quenched as I find something else that I need to learn about! This is why this quote is so apt, no matter how much I have studied and think I know,in the grand scheme of things, I am still pretty ignorant!

I am going to be embarking on a new job soon, which will involve yet more learning, plus I am going to undertake a huge project soon which is going to be my biggest challenge yet. All of this is going to involve intense learning, There will no doubt be tears, frustration, a good dose of swearing, and stomping about, but I can’t wait to get started!

34 thoughts on “Episode 491: Tweets to Inspire

  1. I think the thing about a new job if it involves new people is the clear out of baggage. On the one hand they don’t assume you will make the mistakes you made when you started and which they never seem able to realise you stopped making years ago, while on the other you have to prove yourself again with no assumptions about your competence which is healthy for all of us. Good luck.

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  2. I think that I have my hands full right now with one social media platform. I agree about the learning part of a new job, or worse, a new job with proprietary software. Uggh. I spend hours and hours with music software just trying to learn it. The learning curve can be staggering.

    Best of luck on the new job and project. As difficult and challenging as it may be, the satisfaction of completing it is so rewarding.

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