Episode 494: What a mix-up!

Having always been a little bit absent-minded, I am used to getting things muddled up, however, as I get older, I have noticed that it happens quite a bit more frequently than I would like!

It can be pretty annoying as I find myself walking into a room then forgetting why I was going there, recounting a story only to get distracted, then completely forgetting what I was going to say next, or even putting down the phone after taking a message, then struggling to remember what that message actually was!

I know that this does happen to all of us, but it is so embarrassing at times. We have a lot of students come onto our ward, some staying for a couple of weeks, some for a couple of months. I very often see them around the hospital, and it is always lovely when I notice the change of uniform to Staff Nurse, or on some occasions Sister. The problem I have is when some of them stop and chat with me, calling me by name, and I have completely forgotten theirs! Worse, if I am with someone else and they ask me who I was talking to!

Has anybody else gone to put the bread in the fridge or the milk in the breadΒ bin? I am always doing stuff like that, but normally realise at the last minute, when I suddenly ‘snap out’ of the daze that I seem to be in!

I notice I have even done it with my blog! Finding unanswered messages, I could have sworn were not there before, discovering that people I thought had gone quiet with their own blogs were actually still posting, it was just that I had somehow unfollowed them (I think WordPress has got some naughty little Gremlins playing with my head here though).

I had even scheduled a post that I wrote yesterday to be ‘live’ today, that was actually 5 days early! I had convinced myself that today was the right day.

I was hoping that Β I would become ‘older and wiser’ but it looks like I am going straight from ‘absent-minded’ to ‘eccentric!’

44 thoughts on “Episode 494: What a mix-up!

  1. Yes, that’s me! But I don’t do it because I’m getting older, I’ve always been that way. It worried me so much that I had a psychologist run a lot of baseline function testing on me. Weirdly I had above average recall, I don’t think his tests really covered what we’re talking about. At least the tests were fun!

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  2. Yep, me too – I found a banana in the cutlery drawer the other day! Comforting to know I’m not alone. Do you know the book ‘The Meaning of Liff’ by Douglas Adams and John Lloyd? It is brilliant – they give meaning to place names and the going into a room and forgetting why is “Wyoming” – I’m often Wyoming, sounds like many of us are.

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  3. If “older and wiser” was ever true, it must have been back in the stone age when people only lived to 38 πŸ™‚

    I’m at the stage now where it takes two or three people to finish my sentence πŸ™‚

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      1. Yup that’s meπŸ˜‰
        I do it all the time Judy.
        And the walking in a room and forgetting why.
        Though Mrs waffles can have a full conversation with me about the thingy or the whatsit and I’m suppose to understand. Cos she doesn’t remember the word. Lol.
        Mrsw ” Rich can you get me that thingy in the drawer”
        Me ” What thingy, love”
        Mrsw “you know, that thingy for the whatsit”
        And the mind reading goes onπŸ˜‚

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  4. Haha… I hear you completely, Judy! I so often am on the way to do something and think: Oh could take this along/get this done at the same time. I have that second stuff done and forgot what I wante to do in first place… lol

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  5. Eccentric isn’t a problem, we’re renowned for it in this Country. The time to start worrying is when you introduce yourself and forget your own name. With anything else it’s a case of other things are occupying your mind and the unimportant is shove to the back.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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  6. Lol I do understand this. I experience all those things you mentioned and few more like typing a post and then looking back and realising I typed a load of crap.
    I have the double joy of worrying that I’m going the same way my Mum has, I’m hoping I’m just forgetful lol

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