Wacky Word Wednesday #19

Welcome to Wacky Word Wednesday where I get to have a bit of fun with a word that is (in my opinion), weird, wacky or wonderful. Whatever it may be, the one thing I am sure of  is that it needs to have another airing. Today’s word is not used too much anymore and it should be; it has a wonderful sound and is so much more pleasant than its modern day counterparts.

Trollop. Oh dear, this is a naughty girl; a strumpet and streetwalker, harlot and whore selling sex to the sinful! A hooker and a hussy, she primps and preens herself in order to prey on some punters.

She is a lady of the night, courting customers, promising pleasure for payment, even if it is only a quickie round the corner! An escort with extras, A hooker that will give you a happy ending if the price is right!

41 thoughts on “Wacky Word Wednesday #19

    1. A French-Irish woman named Adrienne told me about the book #StrumpetCity and I looked it up and ended up looking at drawings and paintings of #strumpets. See the charcoals @gm_oconnor on twitter for the #NoQuarterSeries from the 17th Century.

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  1. You could have allowed yourself two word today as you had Strumpet in there as well. Sounds like the reserve trumpet player in a band rather than a bawdy girl though Trollop doesn’t really sound that bad when you think of Anthony Trollope and his writings. Some Victorian and pre-Victorian words are my favourites to come up in Balderdash.
    I really enjoy your posts.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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    1. I agree with your definition of A trumpet David it is much better. I had to get that word in as it is far too underused. I was considering doxy as well as that has a wonderful quality to it! Trollop actually does seem quite mild. I love the sound of Balderdash but not played it yet! Hugs xxxxx

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