Dear Self-Confidence….An Open Letter to My New Friend

Dear Self-Confidence,

I am so proud that we have finally forged a friendship after a life-time of avoiding each other. Of course, I knew of your existence when I was a little girl. but you were always in the distance, hanging around with Outgoing, Popular and Fearless, whilst I played in the shadows with Shy, Timid and Awkward. Actually these three were to remain loyal companions for many, many years.

During my school years, you were still just a little out of reach, and I coasted along with my usual crowd, and Β joined up with Average, and Unremarkable. I always wanted to get to know you, but you became more elusive when I got caught smoking, and ended up in the Deputy Head’s office. Β She rather firmly introduced me to Failure, Shame and Embarrassment. That was it for the rest of my school days, I knew my place, amongst these friends and Failure in particular, was by my side during my battle with academia.

I nearly met you whilst I was in the Army, but Reckless and Drunken came into my life, which I mistook you for. Luckily, they didn’t stay for too long, and no real damage was done, despite a lot of fun being had!

For the next 10 years during my first marriage, you deserted me completely. What little I knew of you was literally beaten down by Violence, Fear and Worthlessness.I did meet a mate of yours, Courage, who helped me to leave this situation, and stayed with me for a while to help me out during my divorce.

I met up again with Failure, Drunken and Reckless for a couple of years, carousing, having fun and a bit of release, before realising that they were just going to bring me down, so I ditched them.

I did meet Achievement briefly, when I finally passed my driving test after the 6th attempt! Nerves and Failure kept getting to me, and it was only when I brushed them off for good that I was able to find Success.

Romance came into my life for a while when I met husband number 2, but unfortunately, so did Cold and Empty. Thank GodΒ when my daughter was born, Unconditional Love came to stay and has never left!

After a couple of years an old flame was rekindled, and now I have Joy and Contentment as my friends. This is also where I finally became casually acquainted with Self-Confidence.

You were a guest at my wedding, and we mingled with Happiness, Companionship, Warmth, and Belonging alongside my family and friends. It was a wonderful day….but the best was still to come.

After decided to undertake some more studying as part of my career, you suddenly started turning up more. You were there for presentations I had to do in front of the rest of the class, you came with me to work as I gained more knowledge, and of course you were there silently urging me on as I walked up on that stage in front of a couple of hundred people as I graduated

We have become closer than ever now, you and I, and I would just like to thank you for deciding that I am worthy of your friendship after all!

With love and gratitude.

You Best Friend.

46 thoughts on “Dear Self-Confidence….An Open Letter to My New Friend

  1. Judy, I’ve recently met Self-Confidence again myself. What a great friend she is!
    Unfortunately you and I share some of the same exes, may we never see them again!
    Go and have the time of your life with your new BFF!!


  2. This is such a creative post, Judy! I love the way you chronicle your life experiences in such an open and moving manner. You are a beautiful person with many gifts. I think self-confidence was always your friend; it was just waiting for the perfect time to make its appearance. May your friendship long endure. πŸ™‚ xo

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  3. Awe I love this. It says so much about you and your life. It’s very moving and I hope I was supposed to laugh in places. Some people seem to be born with self-confidence, while others, like you and I, only find it through hard work and experience… you certainly earned that friendship, Edwina

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  4. What a clever and creative way to look at your life, Judy. This is a great read, very personal, with a positive message. I’m so glad you and you confidence have finally met. For some, it takes a lifetime, for others, sadly, it never happens. Bravo. A brilliant and thoughtful piece. Proud to know you. Especially proud that you know yourself. πŸ’•

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  5. Just read this on my reader and it so beautifully said. The things that we get up to before we finally find self confidence which sometimes appears in our dotage. I am glad that you have found your friend confidence. May she accompany you with positivity.

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  6. I’m so glad you’ve met and made friends. I certainly wouldn’t want to break your friendship but if there’s a time you don’t need him for an hour or two perhaps he could nip round and see if we could make friends too, Maybe just knowing I was friends I wouldn’t need him around all the time.

    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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  7. This is beautiful and heartfelt. Self-confidence is indeed an elusive sprite. Seems like we have some friends in common? Do you know Procrastination? She’s been hanging out with me for too long now. Positivity has been popping by more often – we’re hatching a plan to get rid of Procrastination πŸ˜‰

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    1. Yes, I am familiar with Procrastination as well. Keep friendly with Positivity and you will soon get rid of Procrastination. I am happy that you could relate to this as I know there are so many of us that lose sight of Self-Confidence ::-)

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