I Would Tell You Over A Coffee…..

Today we are going on a date for Writing 101! We are off to a coffee shop for a beverage of your choice (mine is a bucket of latte), and a quick catch-up! The only thing is, I will be doing all of the talking, so you will just have to sit there with a glazed expression, whilst I rabbit on.

I do love a virtual date as I don’t get tongue-tied or awkward, plus you won’t have to worry that you will end up wearing the coffee, after I have knocked it all over you in one of my clumsy moments! Anyway, let’s get on with it!

I would tell you over a coffee….that today is my first year Blogiversary, and that I am very proud to still be going with it.

I would tell you over a coffee…. that I am continuing to lose weight and have now gone from ‘obese’ to ‘overweight!’ (Bugger, I should have had a skinny latte)!

I would tell you over a coffee…. that the poll I did the other day about what type of things you would like me to write about ended with ‘things going wrong’ winning by 2 votes getting 13 in all.(You lot are cruel, but I also love to laugh at others misfortunes, so I’ll let you off)!

I would tell you over a coffee….that Miss Happ tried to pull a fast one today as me and Mr Grump have got days off by telling me she can’t go to school as her friend is off ill and that she is unable to get the bus on her own! (She was swiftly sent on her way)!

I would tell you over a coffee…. that I STILL haven’t got a start date for my new job yet, despite them telling me that they have all of the paperwork required (I am unable to give in my notice until I get it)!

I would tell you over coffee…. that yesterday I got not one, but two beautiful bouquets of flowers. One from Mr Grump, and one from my sister and niece who visited unexpectedly last night, armed with some beautiful red roses.

I would tell you over coffee…. that I can see you are bursting to go to the loo after that huge drink, so I will shut up now!!!

52 thoughts on “I Would Tell You Over A Coffee…..

  1. What a pleasant coffee chat. I can always do coffee!! You have a wonderful way of writing, so easy going and funny that if is surprising to hear that you are more reserved in person. It’s great to have found this outlet! Congrats on your anniversary!

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  2. I’ve just pulled in with my Chai Latte… (Hate coffee!) and had a wonderful catch up with you , my lovely sister from another mister!
    Firstly Happy Blogiversary!!!!!!!! May there be many many more, and alongside it, may all your writing dreams come true!
    Secondly, I always have, and always will, love your blog! Keep it up sis, your writing and style are the best!
    And thirdly, well done on the weight loss! You will be at skinny before you know it!!

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    1. Oh what a lovely surprise! It is such a pleasure that you have come to join me. Thank you for all of those lovely compliments, I will be getting a big head soon! Have a wonderful weekend Sis, and try to get a bit of time for yourself!

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  3. This post is a perfect example of what brought me to follow your blog one year ago, and what has kept me here ever since! You have the best combination of humor and realism- I love it! Happy Blogiversary! I know I’ll be here for year two!

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  4. Judy, you are hysterical!!
    Obese to overweight- haha. Seriously, great job there! We are getting our skinny on!
    Skinny latte- lol
    Oh that wily Miss Happ!!
    Flowers- how lovely for you! I hope the roses were fragrant!
    Happy First Anniversary!! And I raise my mug of hot chocolate in a toast for many more!!
    Thanks for the break! Gotta go!

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  5. Hey, thank you for that coffee chat ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. here I am again… just had to get rid of the coffee 😉


  6. Happy blogiversary!!! You put yourself out there and created a fabulous space in which to discover your strengths and build a beautiful community. You rock Judy!


  7. I have a white tea with one sugar on hand… it’s after dinner and I’ve had my caffeine hit today… so I will tell you while sipping that: I’m proud of you for making it to a year of blogging, and even more proud that your weight journey is heading in the right direction ( mine isn’t)…that peopleonly said that in the poll coz they like to laugh WITH you…. that Miss 15 likes to play similar mind games and swifties with the complete truth sometimes…that when you start that job, they’re gonna wonder why they didn’t get their bums into gear to have you start months ago… that receiving flowers is one of my favourite things and I’m glad people are showing their appreciation of you…. and that I did a long tinkle before i sat down, thanks…

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    1. Hah… I just looked back at when I started blogging… Yesterday was my blogiversary, and if you hadn’t written this, I would have had no idea. And tomorrow when I put up a quote, it will be my 100th post…. so you have more than 5 times as many as me… and about 847 more followers!

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      1. Congratulations to you!!! Happy Blogiversary and post centenary all in a oner!
        I have written so many more posts because I am a hermit and don’t go out much! This has also been an unexpected way of making new friends as well.
        I am proud of you for sticking at it Wendy as I know you had your doubts. You are so funny and write so cleverly that I always enjoy your posts . Keep at it , and we can have a mutual bloggy party next year 🙂


    2. Oh Wendy, what a wonderful chat that was. I am so glad you and Mary Anne have been part of my blogging journey, and continue to be. The support I have had just from you two alone has been tremendous,. I have been lucky enough to have made some wonderful friends here that I always look forward to chatting to,
      It seems Miss 15 is a little Minx as well then (I am sure girls are worse than boys)! I was getting worried about my diabetes and all the other niggles so had to do something about the weight. It is coming off very slowly but as you said, it is going in the right direction.
      Whenever I see photos of you, you always look slim to me and don’t look like you need to lose any weight. 🙂
      Thanks again for being a loyal friend, and I look forward to our next catch-up xx


  8. Hmmm, I thought you promised me a bucket of latte? Still, I don’t hold grudges. Congratulations on your One Year Anniversary. That’s quite an achievement, and you’re still enjoying it. Good.
    Congratulations also on hitting your losing weight target. That’s really difficult so well done.
    Have a Great Day
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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    1. Oh David, I am anybody’s for a bucket of latte! I am still loving my blog and particularly other blogging buddies so will hope to keep going for a while yet.
      As for the weight loss, thank you , I am pleased with the results so far, Now I just need to get in the ‘normal’ range (can’t see that happening)! 🙂

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  9. If we were to have a cuppa together, I would listen in rapt attention on how you kept the blog going for a year – I might learn a thing or two. We would have that sinful cup and a slice together (save the latte) and resume the diet tomorrow (we are in the same boat). I would assure you that the right call for work will turn up at the right time and yes I agree with you, it is time to use the loo and freshen the lipstick 🙂 Let’s do this again

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    1. I would enjoy our cuppa, cake and chat immensely! I think the reason I have kept my blog going for so long, is all down to the fact that I have met such wonderful people on here. I love the interaction that blogging generates. Being quite shy I find it much easier to write things down that I want to say, so blogging is perfect! It looks to me as though you are doing really well with your blog and do will continue to so . Yes, we must do this again soon

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  10. Hi there Edwina! Congratulations on your blog anniversary! I am also having my blog-a-versary this month! 😀 Yay!

    How were you able to go from obese to overweight? Losing some pounds has been my struggle for quite a while now. 😦 I’m overweight.

    Thank you for sharing this. And those bouquets are just the sweetest! 🙂

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