Pleased To Meet You.

Mike arrived home, furious. He had rushed home on orders from his wife, and just managed to catch the train.  Exhausted, he tried to claim the last seat, but was barged out of the way by a lanky, long-haired lout, who told him to ‘eff off Grandad’.

Mum had gone all out thought Liz as she glanced through to the dining room. Clasping Zed’s hand she dragged him in to meet her parents.

“This is Zed:” you finally got to meet him.  She looked at Mike, “I’m so excited Dad, we’re expecting a baby”.

Zed reddened, “We’ve met, Congratulations Grandad!”

This was written as a challenge for Writing 101, I have chosen to write a story in 100 words as it is so different in both word count and in content to what I normally write; fiction writing is totally out of my comfort zone.

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