Going Smoke Free: One Year On.

I never thought I would do it, but I have actually reached a whole year without smoking! Now I know this does not sound like much, but I am pretty proud of myself at the moment. I started smoking when I was about 12 years old. having the odd cig now and again, before turning into a 20 a day fully fledged smoker after only a couple of years. Sometimes, I would smoke even more, depending on who I was with and what the occasion was.

I realised that I had smoked throughout my entire adult life which is nothing at all to be proud of, and I knew it was going to be desperately difficult to kick the habit, My sister and brother-in-law gave up on New Years Eve the year before, but I was ‘not ready’ at that point.

Being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in September last year though did make me realise that I needed to stop. We have a campaign running over here in the UK called ‘Stoptober’ where you can get lots of extra support and help to give up, and I signed up. Plus myself and Mr Grump went to the pharmacy run stop smoking sessions (there are 6 in order to get ‘patched up’ ready for the event.

Suffice it to say. I stopped using the patches after about 3 weeks and was totally nicotine free. I have not smoked since; a thirty-six-year habit successfully stubbed out! Here are the benefits I have noticed:

  • I no longer freeze outside in the winter having a crafty cigarette
  • I don’t have to struggle with a lighter in a gale force wind to light a cigarette.
  • I am not glared at in the street (well at least not for smoking anyway)
  • People do not cough loudly as they walk past me emphasising the point that they do not approve of smoking even outdoors.
  • I can sit inside at a pub or a cafe for the entire time!
  • You can smell my perfume properly instead of it mixed with the pungent odour of cig smoke!
  • I can get in a lift now without holding my breath or standing in the corner in case I offend anyone with the smell of cigarettes!
  • I can still stand outside at work with the others but not worry that I am going to have to put my cig out in a hurry in case we get caught.

Things I have noticed that are not so good:

  • I have put on at least a stone
  • I have no vices left (anyone got any ideas)?
  • I don’t get to stay inside as I prefer to stand out with the smokers (you get the best gossip)!
  • I miss it, as I did actually enjoy it
  • I have had more sore throats than ever before!

I just wanted to give my encouragement to those that are starting out today on the path to a smoke-free life, that you CAN do it, It just takes a bit of determination, a job lot of patches and whatever you do, don’t have those lozenges or sprays, as they are like pepper spray!! (Seriously, I thought I was going to combust, my eyes were watering and my throat was burning, and I had to spit the bloody thing out)!

65 thoughts on “Going Smoke Free: One Year On.

  1. Well done Judy this gives me lots of encouragement to think a year from now I could be posting something similar to this. The strangest thing at the moment is the taste and smell thing. Who knew food had flavour. Again you done brilliant.☺☺

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  2. Congratulations! What a great gift you gave yourself and your family by living a longer healthier life! (On the plus side-have you added up how much money you have saved? I know here in the states cigs are over $7 per pack. You probably have enough for an extra vacation this year!)

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  3. Well done you! Hubby and I gave up 24 years ago, the week before we got married, no aids, no pills, we just stopped, and have never looked back. Of course we notice the pong more on other people and realise we were just like them, and yeah, the weight crept on as we were enjoying our food more. My GP said a few extra pounds were better than dying young! The weight is now under control, though it was nothing to do with being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2011. Like everything else, you learn to adapt. Maggie is really happy though, all those walks every day!

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    1. Congratulations to you and your hubby for giving up, and also to you for getting the extra weight sorted.That is not easy either. I am sure Maggie is more than happy going out on all those walks. 😉


  4. Congratulations! June 9 was my one-year date 🙂
    I think it’s QUITE an accomplishment. I’m still carrying those extra pounds. Still two pair of pants that yell at me and get hung back up after I yell back. BUT, gained so much more in benefit!
    THIS —- > “People do not cough loudly as they walk past me emphasising the point that they do not approve of smoking even outdoors” MADE ME LOL!
    Ain’t that the truth?!? Gah, People! lol 😛

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    1. Yes, it is people like that that make me want to light up!!!
      Congratulations to you too Joey on your 1 and 1/2 years of no smoking, As I said to Karen, the pounds are coming off slowly but I am working on that.:-)

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  5. I beg to differ on the “does not sound like much” part! Judy, one year is a fantastic milestone, and I applaud you for it! I still celebrate my smoke-free milestones (coming up on 3 1/2 years clean on Nov. 1st), and you should, too! As for the weight gain…I’m sorry to say I am still struggling with that part. I have to remind myself on a regular basis that the end result is worth the extra padding, lol! Congrats, my friend- I am super proud of you!

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  6. Congrats I quit about two years ago after my mom passed away from COPD (she had not smoked in over 30 years). I admit lately when stressed I do light up one of my partners cigs but quickly put it out as it tastes horrible.


  7. Congratulations Judy!!! That is awesome. I am sure every day you were without a cigarette encouraged you more to keep it up! But I am also sure there were moments you were not that steadfast and it is admirable that you made it!!!

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