You’ve Either Got it or You Haven’t!

When I went out for a walk with Miss Hap on Saturday, it was a beautiful, sunny afternoon. As we passed the field she decided to show off her cartwheeling skills, and I said I would take a photo of her.

Actually I made her do a few so I could get a good shot!

When we got home and had a look, this was the best one I got!! I do try hard!

28 thoughts on “You’ve Either Got it or You Haven’t!

  1. Brilliant Judy. When I first got camera phone and took a picture I would inadvertently take a picture of my shoes or my bag as I checked what had taken.. When I checked back it was like they were bizarre separators. I should do a gallery of great events attended by my footwear.

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  2. Not sure if you want any tips or not – if not just delete! Most cameras have the facility to take multiple shots – good for action photos – my pocket camera will take 5 shots with one press of the button. Does your camera have something similar in its menu? Good luck next time! xx


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