Free-For-All Friday #32

I have had quite a week this week, and also a pretty emotional one as today is my last day on the ward. I start my new job on Monday as well so I am nervous and excited!

I have got three wonderful posts for you this week, consisting of a Haiku. a hilarious anecdote and a story I can certainly relate to, having a nearly teenage daughter.

Please go over to these blogs and see what other delights await you as they all have so much more in store.

Battered Wife Seeking Better Lifeย Who knew Haiku could be so sensual, especially with the prompt words given! Take a look at this and you will see what I mean.

Anand’s Parodies and Caricaturesย This blog is one that I have recently started following, and I love it. The humour with which he writes has me rocking! His stories are so vividly written that it is easy to imagine you are right there with him.

Beyond The Picket Fenceย This is a wonderful story that I very much enjoyed; it is very poignant and beautifully written.

Happy Friday!

37 thoughts on “Free-For-All Friday #32

  1. I just have to say it again and again! It is such a Judy-like loving gesture how you support others and share their blogs and posts! That’s what this wonderful platform is about and what makes these friendships so beautiful.
    I understand the mixed feelings. But sheding some tears only says that you truly appreciate what you had… not too bad, isn’t it? Big hugs, Judy and all the best for your new start on Monday!!!
    โค :*

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