Tj’s Household Haiku Challenge: ‘Teacosy’

Well, I have gone and done it this week! TJ has chosen ‘teacosy’ as the household itemย and has written a wonderful Haiku accompanied by a really fun teacosy.

I have just turned out my drawers (ooo er Missus), looking for my tea cosy. It’s gone! I had one from 20 years ago that was part of a whole range of tableware which I collected. I can’t even find an image it online, so, I will have find one that I like the look of instead! This one is very like the ones my nan used to knit.

A good cup of tea

Warm and cosy from the pot

Answer to all ills.

25 thoughts on “Tj’s Household Haiku Challenge: ‘Teacosy’

  1. A nice cup of tea does seem to cure a lot of ills. Much like a long walk and a good sleep.
    I’m American, so I have never had a tea cosy. I suppose my kettle, Evelyn, is always shivering and suffering in silence. Quite frankly, Evelyn should just be glad I don’t make her live on the cold, hard porcelain tile! I think I’ll go shout that at her next time I walk by.

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