Roxy’s New Hairdo

The time had come, no excuses

Roxy’s hair was getting too long

A table outside in the garden

Was used for our doggy salon!

The clippers pressed into service

Parted Roxy with some of her hair

She was beginning to look rather tufty

Although, she seemed not to care!

Grump and I had her cornered

And given that she looked so forlorn

The job was rather successful

Now her hair’s decorating our lawn!

As if that wasn’t enough stress

It was then time to get in the bath

I left that job to the Grumpster

He’d have to deal with her wrath!

Finally after a good shake off

She settled herself down for a sleep

All this primping and preening is too much

Getting shorn like she was a sheep!


51 thoughts on “Roxy’s New Hairdo

      1. Yes, they are 🙂 But I only have them because my daughter didn’t care anymore… meanwhile we have the second generation because you cannot have them as singles… I hope it is not becoming a never ending story…lol

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  1. She’s ADORABLE 🙂
    When we first moved back to Indiana, we lived with my in-laws and my MIL is no fan of pets, so we’d take Sadie to be groomed and shorn quite often to reduce shedding and whatnot. She always looked weird to me, lol, but it was easier to maintain, I must admit.
    I hated how they put bows in her hair. She’s not that kinda dog.
    Anyway, now I just cut some mats here and there, brush her and bathe her, and I love her fluffiness ^_^

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    1. We actually took her to get professionally done in the summer as her hair was really long then. I didn’t want her getting all unruly and tatty so I though we could spruce her up a bit before it gets too cold. Mr Grump would go mad if they had put bows in her hair!

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      1. Sadie’s hair is not to unmanageable, and I am glad. Burrs she collects in summer are the worst of it.
        I’m glad Mr Grump and I share the same opinion on bows — they are not for MY dog lol 🙂

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      1. Maggie’s got a woolly jacket as she never seemed to get a thicker coat for the winter until we moved to Lincolnshire. She’s shedding at the moment, so it’s waiting in the wings just in case she needs it when it tarts to get really cold.

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