Ronovan’s Writes Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge #66 ‘Pine’ & ‘Grief’

Well, Ronovan promised that he would be tough with the prompt words this week for his weekly haiku challenge, and he has certainly delivered!  We have got ‘pine’ and ‘grief’ to work with. I was pretty stumped with these, but refuse to be beaten so here is my attempt:

Pines, brown and withered

baubles hang, shaped like tear drops

mourn Christmas passing

Dead Xmas Tree

38 thoughts on “Ronovan’s Writes Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge #66 ‘Pine’ & ‘Grief’

  1. Now, your’s is a beautiful Haiku. Gives one a feeling of true morning when the feeling of Christmas passes. It really is a let down. All the joy looking forward to the season. It brightens many moods and saddens others. But still it is, for some, a remembrance of the best moments of childhood. Thank you for your Haiku. I always look forward to reading. jk 🙂

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      1. I wrote what I felt. It brought back those feelings for me, also. At our house we keep up just a touch of Christmas, by leaving a small string of the tiny lights around one of our small enclosed animal habitats. They enjoy the lighting as well. TY L)

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  2. Evocative of that post-Christmas sight of sad discarded trees put out for the bin man – the two sentences working well – and you met the brief – something about nature.
    I agree, difficult words – Ronovan’s words often seem to take me to deep dark places and I have to claw myself up to the sunshine again with them kicking and screaming behind me!
    Great job! Well done!


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