Off To a Great Start!

As some of you may know, I started my new job yesterday. Well actually, I started the training for my new job yesterday. I have been looking forward to this for some time, especially after some of the trials I had, gathering together all of the paperwork I needed!

There must be something about Monday mornings that my body doesn’t care for as I woke up feeling lousy! Now, I didn’t have to be at the offices (which as it happens are a 10 minute walk from my house) until 9am, so that in itself is a major bonus, giving me both a lie-in and a pleasant walk.

Too bad ‘the virus’ decided to make a comeback, determined to finish what it had started only a couple of weeks ago! Oh yes, and just to mix it up a little. let’s throw in a few really large mouth ulcers so that not only will I be talking in that nasally twang, you get with a snotty/bunged up nose, but  my words will be distorted and garbled as well due to my sore mouth!

Anyway, I got through yesterday, not too badly, apart from nearly spontaneously combusting in the training room as I was so hot. Luckily they turned up the air conditioning (yes, it is a new office building), and I tried to ignore that people behind me were reaching for their cardigans and coats! I sensibly, came home, dosed up on tablets and had an early night.

Today, I felt  worse but had the knowledge that I was in for an early finish due to having a full day extra training on Thursday along with a few other clinical staff. I had the grace to keep my snotty tissue in my hand though and try to control my sneezing when we covered the segment regarding infection control!

Not a great start to my new job but at least it should have cleared up before I go out and see my patients!

42 thoughts on “Off To a Great Start!

  1. Get well soon, Judy. These things always seem to happen when we least want them to. It’s almost as bad as getting toothache on Christmas Day and not being able too eat all that chocolate (until you’ve consumed enough alcohol to numb the pain!) 🎅🏻


      1. I really hope you are doing much better soon. I new job and getting into it is tough enough. Thank God you are a tough person and never lose your humor… laughing about the irony in things we can help us over that time a lot better 😊 and you are a master in it, Judy 😊

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  2. Oh you poor thing. I’m sorry to laugh at your misery, but you are too funny. Starting a new job is like going to kindergarten – you pick up everyone’s germs. And the new building temperature challenges are a nightmare. It’s either freezing or boiling and the thermostat goes up and down like a pogo stick. Hope you feel better soon.

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  3. i spent my rent money on the clinic ($100 co-pay) but they shot me in the butt with steroids and an antibiotic…sinus pressure was gone rather quickly and the scripts are doing their thing…landlord was pissed…but’s the typical bill collector, “pay me first!!! before food and health!!!” fuck ’em, fuck ’em all…slow hours =slow money…last week 23hr/$183 bring home…this week 26hr…joy joy…but i knew i wasn’t getting better…now i amm…thx obama for making sure insurance and the medical industry get their just due…God forbid if people making less than $40k/yr get any breaks…blah, blah, blah…anyway sorry you had a cold and a new job start at the same time…and it is indeed a good thing that you’re 10min from work…clinical staff? opps, sounds like i just cussed out your employer…

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  4. Remember the standard rule of being sick at work:

    – three sneezes and you get to go home sick
    – four sneezes and they get to put you down like a sick horse

    The trick is getting out between sneeze 3 and 4.

    Oh, and one minute between sneezes resets the count.

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      1. Years ago I worked with a guy who started in November. First week he went to the local mall at lunch to pick up a Christmas gift for his wife. Got into a bad auto accident involving a truck and an icy road, ended up on disability for 5 months. They worked hard to get him disability pay, usually didn’t kick in until after 6 weeks employment.


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