Perseverance: A #BeWow Post.

Perseverence 2

I thought that this wonderful quote by Thomas Edison was a great way to start my post on perseverance.

Many of life’s failures are people who did not realise how close they came to success when they gave up.

This quote really speaks to me as it seems that in our culture of instant gratification, many people do not want to wait for something that takes time. If they have tried and failed at something once, they often tend to lose heart and give up altogether, despite being a whisker away from success.

I have seen this myself; a few of my fellow students at university had failed an assignment and rather than retake it, they decided to give up completely. This was right near the end of the course! Not only did they not graduate, but they were demoted as well!

I might have mentioned before that the school motto at my primary was something like, ‘if at first you don’t succeed, try, try, again.” This always stuck in my mind, and if nothing else, I am certainly determined! I did not like school, was not allowed to go to college afterwards (my mum was mad I didn’t try at school), but always regretted not getting many qualifications. It might have taken me many years, but eventually I did it!

I also don’t get people who have given up smoking for something like five years then go back to it again! It is hard enough giving up in the first place, to go back on it after such a long time is such a shame. I was determined to give up,and have done it at the second attempt, Fingers crossed I won’t go back there again!

In life, we are constantly challenged to learn new things, or unlearn old things! With a little determination and a hell of a lot of perseverance, it is possible to achieve success, After all you might be a lot closer than you think!

This was inspired by  Ronovan’s BeWoW  posts

19 thoughts on “Perseverance: A #BeWow Post.

  1. The local vape shop ran out of The Mister’s flavor. I bout died while I stood there, wondering what to buy for him, until I decided he needed to work it out. Now, I have said, since we quit smoking, it’s best not to get hooked on one particular flavor, because you never know when they’ll discontinue it. But he ignored me.
    Tonight, when he left for the vape shop, he said, “I’ll either find somethin I like or I’ll stop and buy a pack of cigarettes.” I have no idea how much of that he meant, but I bout died again! He came home almost an hour later, with some flavor and a grumble about how his won’t be in for almost two weeks.
    Scared me to death. I don’t want him smoking, I don’t want to smoke.
    I don’t care how much he suffers when he quits — you should see how much WE suffer, lol!

    My friend is in a very competitive medical program, and I am shocked when she tells me people have dropped out. It was so hard to get in! So much work!

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    1. I can imagine that it is pretty tough for you all when the Mister is going without cigs or the right vape. It is great that he didn’t go back on it. Time to try out some new vape flavours now then just in case!
      With this training, if I don’t go I can’t start my job, regardless of the fact that I had to do it all in my previous job and keep it updated anyway.
      I still feel dreadful today but have to go as I do not want to have to do it again, or be stopped from starting my own job tomorrow. Everyone will just have to wear masks! 🙂

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  2. I’m feeling very sure you won’t go back to smoking at this point. You’ve come so far, it’s obvious you are strong enough and committed enough to make the second try the keeper! Good post, very encouraging.

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  3. That is an amazing post, Judy. Such a powerful and important message. Just 2 minutes ago I replied how important it is to not lose the grip when we start a journey. It will have its turns and detours perhaps. But it all is meant to prepare us and will unfold in just the right time at just the right place. I have to say again, that nothing is in vain. There simply are no mistakes in this perfectly organized universe. What ever path you choose you will arrive. Perhaps sometimes we even need to give up and try a different path – no matter how close we were. It all gives us something and defines our personal way to our many destinations. You did it your way and although it took longer you experienced so much more than taking the straight line, right? Just think back what you would have missed otherwise?

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