Wacky Word Wednesday

Well, this week I have managed to remember  that my ‘Wacky word Wednesday’ feature should actually be posted on Wednesday! I have got a hyphenated word for you this week (sounds posh, but is far from it) which I have heard right from when I was a little girl, and actually now refer to myself as being it, before anyone else gets in!

Cack-handed. This word is very often applied to left-handers such as myself but, is also ham-fisted, heavy-handed. awkward and inept. Someone who is incompetent and incapable. clumsy and cumbersome.

They are butterfingered and burdensome, bungling, and bodging everything up. Graceless and gauche are their middle names, as they barge about their business clomping about like cart horses, breaking things or knocking them over!

54 thoughts on “Wacky Word Wednesday

  1. I’m feeling a bit ‘cack-handed’ because I have this challenge invite for you but I realize you are sick and that you are starting a new job. I put you on my list before I realized what was going on and I am reluctant to take you off. The good news is that you can sit on it and wait until things settle down or– just say ‘no’. Its the 3 Day, 3 Quote Challenge. Here’s the link with the invite and the instructions: https://ontheland.wordpress.com/2015/10/16/3-days-3-quotes-challenge-dr-jane-goodall-making-a-difference/ Take care.

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      1. When it is your post, then you can edit it… but otherwise… oh well. When the typo is too embarrassing I ask the blogger to edit. Once I wanted to write “popped”. Guess what I wrote… “pooped”!!!

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      1. Bless you, I am sticky sniffly today too… Hope this is the tail end… Need to be clear before Friday, I meet my baby nephew again for the weekend, they are here from Finland!!

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      2. Thanks Judy! The cold seems to be holding off.. I’ve been too busy to give it a chance to be honest… You know what will happen.. I’ll be I’ll the whole of half term, when I can finally let my guard down!

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