First Week Nearly Done!

Well, as you can see by my pic, I am still not feeling well! Despite the dark circles under my eyes from the lack of sleep and the red and sore nose from the snotty nose, not to mention the aching ribs from constant coughing and sneezing, I have now finished the first stage of training and nearly completed my first week.

There are always positives though so this is what has been great about this week:

  • I got to wear some lovely nail varnishΒ and had beautiful looking nails all week (well until 10 mins ago, when I removed the polish and cut the nails ready for the first day at my actual workplace tomorrow)!
  • I met some great people from all sorts of professions in the Health Service, and we had some very interesting discussions.
  • The trainers were all so keen and enthusiastic, plus there were a couple of real characters amongst them that made the sessions so much fun!
  • I visited a small hospital today for some training that I had never been to beforeΒ and was so impressed with their tiny little shop, that I bought this lovely new mug for a snip at 50p! Yes, 50 pence!

New Mug

I have been pretty lax at reading blogs this week due to early nights and feeling grotty. I am going to try and catch up a bit tonight and over the weekend. That is why I have not commented much on anyone’s blogs.

74 thoughts on “First Week Nearly Done!

  1. Take some time out from the blog, Judy. You need to rest up and get yourself fighting fit. Make sure Mr Grump and Miss Hap bring you plenty of hot drinks, I’m sure a box of chocolates won’t go a miss in helping you recover as well. At least the first week is out of the way. Here’s wishing you a speedy recovery so you are ready for week two. We’re not going anywhere.
    Take care.

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  2. Get well soon Judy. Just think, it could be worse…… you could have man flu. Lol
    Glad you enjoyed your first week, just like I told you. You got this☺

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  3. Hopefully, you’ll get lots of sleep this weekend. Sorry to hear you were sick. 😦
    Please don’t worry about ignoring us- your health and livelihood is so much more important!!
    We’ll be here when you get back!!
    Prayers for healing.

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  4. Look after yourself! I know the aching rips all too well… in fact although it has now been more or less 2 months without coughing one of them is still bothering me. I guess it most probably ended up being fractured. So take good care!

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  5. Judy, another warm hug from over here to force the healing! Don’t worry about reading posts. You are in a new job AND have cold. So this has priority. We will be here whenever you are ready πŸ™‚ It sounds very exciting what you saw and learned this week. Enjoy! πŸ™‚

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      1. Oh dear sounds like I got the wrong idea–it’s taking its course and you’re still’s for a restful weekend and lots of hot healing teas in your new mug. 😊

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  6. Sorry you’re not feeling well! I love the new mug–though we have so damn many, I never buy them anymore. (In fact, we got rid of many when we down-sized to move to our condo.) Feel better, and enjoy your new job.

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