Hugh’s Photo Challenge Week 2: What’s In The Cupboard really wanted to have a go at Hugh’s photo challenge this week, but thought about the state of my cupboards (Hugh’s is so clean) and decided not to show myself up!

However, I forgot about the cupboard staring me in the face in the front room. The one we rarely use, as most of the music has been (painstakingly) transferred to the computer by Mr Grump.

So this is one of the few that we have which houses both mine and Mr Grump’s music collection! Ahem, most of it is actually his as mine doesn’t count for much of it at all. There are quite a few 70s and 80s compilations in there which are both of ours, but Elvis, Madonna, Michael Jackson and Meatloaf are all mine, as is Keane (I used to love them, where have they gone)? Mr Grump has got Natasha Beddingfield, Kylie Minogue (surprise, surprise, what man straight or gay doesn’t like Miss Minogue?) and one of the Now That’s What I Call Music albums amongst others.

I must say, as a rule, he actually does like more modern stuff than me, and I go mad when he puts on some of his ‘rave’ stuff or whatever the hell it is. Very fast, buzzy music which makes my head spin! Still, bizarrely we both like Eminem! If it comes on in the car, we piously flick it off  as Miss Hap rolls her eyes, annoyed at being denied the chance to sing along with some of the obscenities she already knows are there!

Of course, her music is all on her phone, which is a good thing. Or maybe it isn’t as I know she likes some of this ‘bump and grind’ kind of stuff, which has near naked people gyrating around all over each other in the accompanying video! A bit of a far cry from the ABBA albums I have in my cupboard!

21 thoughts on “Hugh’s Photo Challenge Week 2: What’s In The Cupboard

  1. Wow, what a great music collection, Judy. Now that most of the music is transferred onto a computer will you be keeping the CD’s? And do you have vinyl? Some of that collection may be quite rare and fetch a good price. I recently sold a “Take That” 12 inch vinyl record for £150! It was their very first record and had a picture cover. Cost me 50p in a second-hand record store way back in the early 90’s.

    Thanks for participating in the challenge and I hope you are feeling better?

    P.S – Yes, I agree, Kylie Rules!


  2. We are having about the same (music) stuff on our cupboards, Judy! Isn’t is crazy that today Cds area already out? Our car has bluetooth and USB but no CD devices… you really have to have it on your phone or get it over a cloud…

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