Bumping Along!

I am sorry to report that not quite two weeks into my new job, and only a week out on the road, I have had my first injury! Now as many of you know, I am pretty clumsy and am banging into things so often that it is almost an everyday event, not worthy of a mention.

However, yesterday morning I was to meet up with one of my senior colleagues in order to spend the day with her. As she was coming from a different direction, I was actually meeting her at the patient’s house about 10 miles away just after 8 am.

Of course, I love to be punctual (if not too bloody early) for everything, and had decided that once I had consulted Mr Sat Nav to see how long it was going to take me, and taken in the fact that it was pouring with rain, plus factored in the possibility of rush hour traffic that I should leave at 7.20.

Needless to say, I got there way too early at (7.45), but I spent the time productively loitering in my car catching up with the comments on my blog! I have a squeegee in the car for when the windows get steamed up, which I had used in order to see out of the windows when it got near the time to meet my colleague.

I chucked it into the little compartment just under the steering wheel and went to get out of the car. As it is a lot smaller than my previous yellow car, the squeegee was sticking out and dug right into my knee scraping off the top layer of skin in the process. Had I been on my own I would have uttered a few choice words and hopped around for a bit clutching my knee, but I wanted to try to look professional.

I plastered a smile (or rather a grimace) on my face as I greeted my colleague but was in such pain with the knee that I hobbled over to her, limping lopsidedly. Noticing her alarmed expression I mentioned that I had bumped my knee and laughed it off! I added as a little extra that I was ‘a bit clumsy’ which I immediately regretted as we were administering insulin to the patient! She must have been thanking her lucky stars that I wasn’t coming at her with a needle!

65 thoughts on “Bumping Along!

  1. It must’ve hurt – and the fact that you had work to do after getting mauled by that horrible squeegee. Beat it black and blue (provided it’s not already in one of those colors) and take care of the knee.

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  2. Ow. This reminds me of my visit to the clinic three days ago to get a flu shot. As the needle pierced my skin, the nurse giving me the shot went on to tell me the horrible reaction SHE got to the flu shot, including swollen arm and a visit to the ER. I kinda wished I had another nurse…
    But you? I’d let you give me a shot anytime. Really. Well, not any time, but if in dire need, then, yes. 🙂
    Hope the knee is better.

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    1. Ha Ha! Thanks so much for sharing your story. I bet you were thrilled you got that nurse! She sounds even worse than me 🙂 The knee is pretty colours at the moment as the bruising has come out! I am not hobbling though, so that is something :-0

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  3. I’m not laughing, really 🙂
    You’re not alone in car mishaps. I’ve hit myself in the head with my own car door. How is that even possible? Years ago, I slid the window closed on my hair! We won’t even talk about the time I backed out of the garage when the garage door was still closed 🙂


      1. Yes, so not too much chilling will be going on!!! Still it gives me a bit of time to digest some of the stuff that I have learned and get my head round it, I can also catch up with my blog! 🙂


      2. That is an advantage Ritu as you can remember them as they were in better times. It can be even more upsetting seeing loved ones when they are near the end of their lives, as they are not who you remember at all.

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