I’m Not Good At Goodbyes!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “If You Leave.”

I was going to write a little update about my new job this week, but when I saw this prompt about leaving, I thought I would tie it in as it fits perfectly.

I am not a person who likes change very much. As you may have gathered, I am very routine oriented, set in my ways, and I suppose, a bit of an old stick-in-the-mud really. however I knew that i was going to have to bite the bullet and make a change in my life, or shut up moaning about it!

Without going into details, work at the hospital had changed since I had started there some five and a half years earlier. I used to love going in to work every morning and was always upbeat about it. A year later, I ,moved wards as part of some training I was doing and stayed there for the remainder of the time.

The camaraderie amongst the staff was what kept me there for so long; they are a wonderful team and coped with numerous changes without a lowering the quality of care they gave to the patients. Then slowly, but surely, and for various reasons. staff started leaving, and the dynamics were changing, as was the atmosphere. Morale was pretty low by the time the 20th person in a year had left, and I must admit, this was when I decided it was time to go.

Nothing stays the same of course, and sometimes change is for the better, but it did not make me feel better at all.When the job came up in the community, I decided to go for it. As you know, much to my surprise and delight, I got the job!

I then panicked for a bit as it meant change, and although I wanted it, I was worried about starting again. After all, I knew everyone at work, and they all knew me, Not only that but I was confident in my job and knew what was expected of me. In my new job, I would be learning a totally different way of using my skills with a whole new group of people who I didn’t know.

Well, I made the decision to take it. I knew that it was the right thing for me to do. I was not happy at the hospital anymore, and I would be a miserable influence on others which isn’t fair.So here i am, three weeks in and on a week off already! (I had already booked this week off for half term)!

I have been welcomed by the team who all seem to be very friendly. I have learned lots of new techniques, new ways of doing things, and have made friends with Mr SatNav who is going to be a constant companion to me due to my useless sense of direction!

It is going to take me a little while to get re-acquainted with full-time hours, but I know I can do it, (After working for 18 hours per day in a kebab shop 6 days a week in the past, I am sure I can hack a 37.5 hour week)!

My only regret is not saying goodbye properly to the staff at the hospital. I did not want a leaving do as it is not my thing really, and I ended up going very quickly in the end, once the paperwork was sorted this end, so there were some staff I hadn’t seen at all! Mind you, I am not good at goodbyes and bawled my head off on my last day at the hospital!

38 thoughts on “I’m Not Good At Goodbyes!

  1. I’m exactly the same as you, Judy. I don’t like change either but, when it does happen, it can sometimes propel us onto something far better. From what I read of your job change I look at it as a step up the ladder for you. Goodbyes are horrible and can be very sad. That’s why when I left my last job I did not have a leaving do. I’d been in the job for 23 years but I know I’d made the right decision to leave.


  2. Hey, Judy, I understand that! Saying good bye is never easy! Talking about change: If there had not been the changes in your other job you would not have come to this one. Sometimes things need to change to make us move πŸ™‚

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  3. I am so awful when it comes to saying good-bye. I mean I know most times it is just for a short time – but still Good-Bye it is not easy. Another wonderful blog.

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  4. You can always nip over and say hello which is a good thing about not saying goodbye. I thought I was routine oriented until I married a Johnny Walker (due to the nature of his work though) it was initially difficult for me to re-orientate but I have been more blessed for it. I noticed that you are quite excited about your new place and it is a good thing πŸ™‚


  5. I’ve had a lot of jobs, but only one that I left without notice or fanfare. It was the right thing for me at the time. I did miss staff, but most of them left shortly after me anyway. I understand this one, Judy. ☺ Good luck with the new position. ☺☺

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  6. I’m sure you’ll find a new routine (even if it is more varied than before). I’m with you on the leaving dos. I think if one retires it’s slightly different, but if one moves to another job… Looking forward to hearing more about your new adventures

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