Design Fails!

Now I like to think that I am a woman of the times! (Ahem, except perhaps when it comes to music, as I am still in my little 80’s bubble)! I know that Social Media is the way forward and I am pretty good on Facebook. Ok, I don’t post that often apart from my blog, but I do when I have got something to say that might be slightly interesting.

Anyway, I have to face facts, I am a bloody dunce when it comes to the rest of them, despite my efforts! I saw loads of posts about how wonderful Pinterest is, and I duly went over there and set up a few boards. It is ok but I still have quite a lot to learn. Whilst looking at Suzie’s blog this week with her lovely coordinated colours and sleek-looking blog, it made me think that I out to have a go at making my own pins.

How hard could it be? I have got Canva as well and  Pic Monkey. I know how to watch a tutorial! In fact I spent a good couple of hours last night watching tutorials, and, convinced that I was an expert, decided to put it all into practice today.

I thought I might design a new Instagram picture showing off my colour coordinating and designing skills promoting my blog. Well. Instagram is still new to me; I signed up ages ago but only posted this week and have the grand total of three photos to my credit on there! Prolific is not really the word! Now, it is all Hugh’s fault that I actually decided to put my Instagram account to good use!

So today once I had done some chores, I sat down to design a masterpiece putting into practice all that I had learned last night. It took me ages to produce even one design. Miss Hap gave me a few tips (“that is rubbish” being one of them), and took great delight in nudging my arm whilst I painstakingly tried to overlay a picture and erase it onto a background which led me to taking a chunk out of my leg!

A few hours later when Mr Grump came home, I asked which one of the three designs he liked best. With ill-disguised indifference, he told me that he liked the one I had before! (I never even had one before). This is where it would come in bloody handy to have a bit of imagination as all three were a disaster!  Ah well, I think I’ll just stick to stringing words together, even if it is very, long-winded!

46 thoughts on “Design Fails!

  1. So many sites, so little time, lol. I joined Instagram only a few months ago Judy (find me there, lol, I’ve not yet mastered finding others.) I’m dgkaye there. And I’m just learning all about StumbledUpon. Sheesh, I need an assistant. 🙂

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  2. OMG, Judy! I have Pinterest too but never go into it other than adding my daily quotes. I was told to go on Instagram too, but I refuse it. I am busy as hell with WP and this is my home. I have Twitter and that is fun too in order to spread my blog posts and to add some short poems or share some nice things. But I am fed up with social media that way. I have a Facebook account but I am never on it.

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  3. I can’t stop laughing (but that’s only because you blame me for Instagram). Okay, I’ll admit here and now that I’m already slacking on Instagram. Just like when I got a Wi, the novelty is wearing off. However, I’m not going to let it beat me 😂

    As for Pinterest, well lets say that despite spending hours on it they keep sending me emails saying “New Pins for you” and all of the pins are of ladies dresses and shoes. Just where did I go wrong? 🤔

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    1. Ha! It was your photo challenge that made me decide to use my Instagram Hugh, I decided to take it one step further and that’s when it all went wrong!
      As for your Pinterest, the dresses and shoes​ are not going to do you muchgood​d unless you are a Drag Queen! 🙂

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      1. Yes, I was in an all male group called “The Condoms” and we raised money for charity. It was all done as a bit of fun and by the time the group folded we’d raised over £30,000 for charities. I’ll have to write a post about it sometime.

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  4. Honestly, I’ve given up trying to give my blog a facelift. I can’t figure out what looks good and what doesn’t – so I’ve left it as it. While I often drool over the three-column structure that I see on a lot of blogs – I’ve decided that I am not design-savvy enough to actually try them out 😦

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  5. I have no idea what you mean by designs, so I’m off to see what Suzie did. I preferred the 90’s…but I’m not stuck there. I just liked all the black and white clothes and especially how MODEST they were! lol

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