Hugh’s Photo Challenge Week 4: Isolated

Hugh has chosen ‘Isolated’ for his photo challenge this week.

The photo that I have chosen depicts a beautiful piece of Kent countryside! It is just to the back of the offices where I am now based, and only a 10-minute walk from my house. Mr Grump takes Roxy for her walk there, as there is plenty of space for her to run around and tire herself out! Β It is a pretty quiet spot though and you would not believe that there are shops, offices and houses, just a stones throw away!

28 thoughts on “Hugh’s Photo Challenge Week 4: Isolated

  1. This looks so peaceful and expansive. I read the Maisie Dobbs mystery series, and Kent is one of the main settings of the series. Your photo looks a lot like I’d imagined from the books, even though the stories take place around WWI and WWII. Btw, I’m catching up on visiting my favorite blogs, and you’ve re-designed yours since I last visited. It looks GREAT!!

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  2. Hi Judy, this place looks absolutely beautiful. It’s amazing to think that it looks so isolated yet there are many buildings, homes and shops just a stone’s throw away. I can see why Roxy loves going there for her walks.

    Thank you for participating in the challenge. You’ve come up with a great photo for this week’s challenge.

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