Hugh’s Views and News Photo Challenge: Week 5 . Pair

Hugh is already in his fifth week of the photo challenge he created. I have enjoyed participating in this as it is fun trying to fit the photo to the word, or vice versa! I love the poached eggs on toast  pic on his blog – what a lovely pair!

My entry for this week is much more conventional, being a pair of shoes! However, these are real skyscrapers and something that my niece loves to wear,

I know I am getting older now as I had to jam my poor toes into the narrow shoe and had Mr Grump haul me up! My knee clicked in protest as I rose to the tallest I have ever been in my life, probably about 5ft 8 or 9 as I was even taller than old Grump!

I had to hold onto the door whilst he took the photo as I could barely balance on them let alone walk.No sexy wiggle for me in my heels, more of an arthritic hobble followed by an almighty fall I shouldn’t wonder!

23 thoughts on “Hugh’s Views and News Photo Challenge: Week 5 . Pair

      1. I gave up on heels when I was pregnant with lil man, going back 11 years! If I have every worn them since, it has been the most upcomfortable experience!!

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  1. Wow, those heels are high, Judy. How does anybody walk in a pair of shoes like that? I was wondering if you could dance in them? If you can, just make sure you don’t stab Mr Grump in the foot with them. Are those really spikes up the side of the heels?

    Thanks for participating in this week’s challenge and for like my poached eggs. 🙂

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