Ronovan’s Writes Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt #70 ‘Crane’ and ‘Gold’

Well  I thought the prompt words were tricky last week, then I saw what Ron had given us for today’s Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt. I am cross with him as I have been wracking my poor brains to come up with something that is half-decent!

Anyway, on a separate note, congratulations Ron for smashing the NaNoWriMo challenge already and passing the 50 000 mark! That is brilliant, and of course, I am not jealous!!! 😉

So back to the Haiku. I was hoping to try to get a photo of the recent blood moon eclipse, but failed! This was before the actual eclipse as I missed the main event!

Craning my neck to

capture a golden moment….

I missed the eclipse!

Blood Moon

50 thoughts on “Ronovan’s Writes Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt #70 ‘Crane’ and ‘Gold’

  1. Oh, and thank you regarding NaNo. It helps to have a sleep disorder and an 11 year old son to be an inspiration. The story is from an idea he and I came up with a few years ago before my accident and I decided it was time to write that novel I always meant to. Something for him to always have once it’s completed.
    And you are almost there. 🙂

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      1. I’m continuing NaNo. I’m using it to put the ‘scenes’ into chapter form and doing some editing and research. Using the energy and purpose of NaNo to focus on getting as much done as possible before all that writing support energy out there drops off.

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      1. Ha, I went nature this week. I thought a bird and golden sunset would be easy pickings for everyone. 🙂 Plus I gave links to the synonyms. Crane has more than I ever imagined. And I don’t think I saw bird mentioned at all.

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  2. Very clever Edwina, I love it! Your photo looks very similar to the one I took of the eclipse…I failed too lol 😀 Thinking of you as you write on and looking forward to hearing the news of the completion of your 50,000 words… 🙂 ❤

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  3. That started out with such optimism and then, BOOM!, a sad ending. I didn’t see it coming. I said out loud ‘Awww’, but now I giggle at my range of emotion over your Haiku. No worries, I am leaving your page happy as I arrived 😀

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      1. I am having a truly wonderful time! Glad to be missing all the foul weather at home. Hot and humid here, which is partly why I’m not in the land of nod. I’m really looking forward to sharing more about the trip once I am reunited with my beloved laptop! Ron does enjoy making us think!

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