Wacky Word Wednesday!

I have been a little lax with my Wacky Word Wednesday lately as I have been a bit pushed for time, one way or another, but today I have found I have got a few spare minutes which is perfect for me to find another wonderful, weird or wacky word to share. This word had a wonderful onomatopoeic quality to it, which although needs little explanation, is going to get it anyway.

Smarmy. Yes, this is a rather slimy and slick type of word. The greasy, grovelling salesman, fawning over and flattering his (for some reason, women are rarely smarmy) customers.  It is being overly  ingratiating, bowing and scraping in a sycophantic manner.

A cheesy grin, over familiar manner, and irritating personality are the main credentials needed.They preen and primp, as they sidle up to their prey, superior and smug. God’s gift to the ladies, with their practised charm and unctuous manner. All in all, a bit of a prat really!

Image courtesy of  Flikr

19 thoughts on “Wacky Word Wednesday!

  1. Back in the day when my dad took me to get my first suit the gentleman tailor’s was peopled by Those Who Smarm. Having my measurementstarter taken was to risk some cringy comment. ‘Sirs thighs are perfect for a wool cashmere mix don’t you think? ‘ I blame Are You Being Served@

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      1. Bahahaha! Oh how funny, especially for your dad looking on, No wonder he was in stitches. It must have been mortifying for you as a young lad having Mr Smarm fussing all over you with his tape measure and his personal remarks!

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