Wacky Word Wednesday

I do love Wednesdays when I can highlight a little-used work, give it a shake off and dust up ready for its chance to shine. The word I have chosen this week is a wonderful little word that is one of my mum’s favourites.

Twee.Β This is a fussy little word, all prim and proper, present and correct, quietly quaint, in its affected overly ‘nice’ manner. Gracious to a fault yet prudish, minding its p’s and q’s in its banality.

The net curtain twitcher, peeping out of the windows of a dainty, chi-chi house which is fastidiously neat and tidy. It is pretentious, la-di-da, very lady of the manor.

It is one word that I certainly cannot be accused of being!


37 thoughts on “Wacky Word Wednesday

  1. Twee was my paternal granny to a, well, twee. When you are running out you might want to try ‘pukka’. Don’t hear it now and It has such a nice clicky sound as if drops off the tongue.


  2. I just put it in the translator and it confirmed what I expected: It is a word used first and foremost in England. That really fits the fine way of the language and the manners of the English people…. I just imagine using that word discussing the latest appearance of Kate during tea time.

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