Oh, What A Beautiful Morning

This morning was like a summer’s day down here in Kent. As I was driving around early this morning on the way to my patients, the sun was so huge and bright, that I could barely see, especially as it was so low in the sky.

I kept trying to get pictures of it and finally the one I got was whilst waiting at some traffic lights! I could hardly even look at it as it  was so strong. This is just unheard of at this time of year.

The other photos I took were just outside of Wye  just past the crown. it was so stunningly beautiful I just had to pull over and take a pic. Although I have lived in this area for years, I suppose I never appreciated the beauty of what was literally on my doorstep.

So, there I was chugging about in my little car with my Christmas tunes blasting out and a beautiful, almost blue sky. Much better than being stuck in an airless  hospital ward!




27 thoughts on “Oh, What A Beautiful Morning

  1. I LOVE days like that–so uplifting! I can just picture you driving along under beautiful blue skies with sunlight streaming into your windows, while listening to Christmas music. No wonder you felt “chuffed.” 🙂 We’ve had really pretty weather here the last few days, too. It really makes a difference to my mood. Enjoy the sunshine, Judy!

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  2. The lull before the Winter snow storms? 🙂

    Wet, windy and cold here in Wales, today.

    ‘Rain, rain, go away
    My trousers are wet and so are my underpants
    Rain, rain stay away
    But they dry out nicely on the radiator and give me a smile when I put them back on’

    See, I can write poetry as well 🙂

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  3. That bright, blue sky is amazing. I miss that wonderful, summery feeling. Please send some sun this way. We haven’t seen the sun here for quite a few days and the forecast says this dreary, rainy weather will last until next week. It may be the first year that we don’t have snow for Christmas. I’d rather have snow than constant rain. Enjoy your wonderful weather!

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    1. Oh, how miserable for you, having constant dreary, rainy days. We have had miserable weather and then this came out of the blue! I don’t think it will last but I enjoyed it. I hope it clears up there and you too get a bit of sun. This is the best I can do in sending you some sunshine 😎

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