It Found Me Again.

It creeps up unexpectedly

Just when things are going well

It digs its mighty claws in you

And drags you down to hell

There’s not always a trigger

To warn it is on its way

It is just ‘there’ in your head

When you wake up one day.

You try to get rid of it

And pretend that you’re ok

But it has got a hold on you

And will not go away

No one understands you,

Yesterday you were fine

How comes now you’re moody

And miserable all the time?

I thought I had you beaten

Or at least, kept you at bay

But you’ve come back to taunt me

And are here to stay.

74 thoughts on “It Found Me Again.

  1. I think the holidays are overwhelming for many Judy. Also, many, like myself tend to reminisce over the past year and some the losses we encountered. So many of us have had a hard year. We trudge on like soldiers, but sometimes moments come back and bite us. But they will pass once again. I hope you get over the tide quickly and enjoy the upcoming holiday. 🙂 PS Cleaning out your blog photos ought to keep you’re mind preoccupied, LOL

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    1. Thanks for your support Debby. Yes there is a lot going on in my head, but going through all these photos is certainly keeping me occupied not to mention frustrated! I can’t get the bloody credit to go under the photo so in the end just wrote a separate acknowledgement for it. Grrrrrr!!!

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      1. Judy, is that just a glitch, or do you know that you can edit the photo going into your ‘media’ in your dashboard? Click on the photo in question, and type your credit into the ‘caption’ .

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      2. I’m so glad I could help Judy. I know how awful it was, and I hoped by sharing the post to save a lot of others the grief. I’m glad you muddled through it. It sucks! 🙂 xo

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  2. You absolutely nailed it, Judy. I had one of those days today and they suck. It’s 2:50 am here. I’m up and working on a post because trying to find words keeps my brain from circling dark shadows. I hope we both have a better day tomorrow 🙂

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      1. Strongs to you Judy. Maybe it’s a little nudge that you’re overextending yourself in some way. Take out your coping tool kit and pamper yourself and buy paper plates – no dishes to scrub! I’m cheering you on. Some days will be better than others. Watch lots of comedy shows online. Hugs xx

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  3. It found its way into my life so many times, Judy. I can say after many decades, it gets better. At least you recognize it, that’s a step so many miss. Sometimes, the busy-ness of our lives can trigger all of this. Be well. It will pass. And the next time, you’ll be even stronger. ☺

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  4. I enjoyed your poem and honesty. I think we can all relate to this (whether we all want to admit it or not). 🙂
    I believe, there are many influences to our mood and that the “dark cloud” does not come “all of a sudden”. Our mood is dependent on so many factors: Our thoughts (#1), our diet (what food or beverages we consume), activity (exercise), etc. So, as I am also struggling with this unhappy visitor from time to time, I am learning to be more aware of my thoughts and feelings, in addition to my unhealthy habits that may have caused my unwelcomed guest to return.

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    1. Thank you so much for coming by and sharing your thoughts. You could well be onto something actually with the diet in particular. I know that I have been struggling managing my diabetes as well at the moment, and my blood sugars have been running high. That might also have and adverse effect on my mood!

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      1. Of course. It is amazing to think that eating different foods and less processed foods could make a difference, but it really can. It doesn’t mean stop eating things you enjoy, but small adjustments. There are “mood boosters” like bananas and oily/fatty fish and “super foods” like blueberries and spinach, etc. Exercise also raises endorphins and boosts metabolism giving you more energy and feeling better, releasing those negative emotions and negative energies.

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  5. Oh, Judy! That comes at times! I think no one ever is completely resistent. You are having a new job and a new responsibility. That can kick in this way at one point in the beginning. It will pass for sure. And once you are over that, you are a huge step higher! Big hugs to you, sis 💖💖💖

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  6. But not for long I hope!
    Tiz the season!
    I used to be visited by the ‘black dog’ and found it was no use ignoring or fighting it – I had to get right down in there in order to be able to claw my way up again – I don’t know if it is the same for you, but I’m here, metaphorically holding your hand, if you want it, across the ether of blogland.
    Also tell me to bugger off and leave you alone if you need to!
    I’m sure your wonderful poem will be a comfort to many.
    ((((((((((((( ❤ ))))))))))))))))))

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      1. Absolutely it was a complement and I think you are a great writer. If the nursing is giving you trouble, you have another vocation. And we need British authors with a raw, clean humour- very much. IT has been about 50 years since Enid Blyton died- it is time for a new author from the British Isles.

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