Because The Night

Occasionally I have a look at the Daily Prompt and today it asks whether we are an early bird or a night owl. When are we most productive, and when do we do most of our work.

For me there is no question, I am an early bird without a doubt. I am the kind of person that likes to try and get all the jobs done first things so that I can kick back in the evening and relax.

I always love that first hour or so in the morning when it is just me up. Usually, Roxy ambles on down to see what I am up to, scrounges a tidbit then buggers off back to bed leaving me on my own again. That suits me just fine.

For the past few days, due to one thing and another, I have been getting up between 2 am and 4 am as my brain is too busy whirling around to let me get any sleep. Despite being heavy and bleary eyed, I get up, make a cuppa and settle myself down at my laptop. Once I have indulged my guilty pleasure (Oh ok, I love Farmville, there I’ve said it) I can go to my blog. This morning I had a nice early morning conversation with Debby which was a lovely way to start the day.

Sunday mornings at 7 am, will more than likely find me piling into the ironing for an hour or so, again whilst everyone else is asleep so I can get on with it in peace. Mr Grump is the same, and if we have anywhere to go we are normally out the door as early as possible. This might not go down with others who are more relaxed about timekeeping than we are!

Another bonus to getting up early is catching a beautiful sunrise as in this picture. Miss Hap and I took these as she left for school, her photo was better than mine as it shows the pink in the sky more.

As for being a night owl, well, those days are long gone! I am usually falling asleep at 9 pm. I am pushing the boat out tonight as it is already way past my bedtime. It is a ploy so that I am not up at stupid o’clock again tomorrow, fingers crossed. There is early morning, and there is middle of the night!




25 thoughts on “Because The Night

  1. Lol Judy, I was glad to chat back and forth over our ‘photo’ grief. Well, I’m like you, don’t get much sleep, except I’m also a nightowl – bad combo. I’m on the computer to well past midnight, then I read in bed for an hour or so. Then I’m up by 730am and do it over again. I think I’m running out of gas, lol. xo

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      1. Oh yes…. it totally is! I don’t even think about it anymore. It is so normal and I already plan things to do while I am awake… lol! But last time I got nothing because I slept through the nights from the first night on….haha.

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  2. I’m definitely an early bird and my wife is the opposite, which means, I too get an hour or so on my own in a morning. I think my early rising stems from my Dad, who was always up early (5am) summer and winter. Even after he retired he was up, much to my Mother’s disgust. When I was young, one of his annoying ‘jokes’ was to place a radio on the landing outside my bedroom and put it on at full volume. I had no choice but to get up and turn it off. By then I was out of bed and wide awake.

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  3. Yes, I prefer early mornings too, although lately it has been 5am and the worst part is, I’m usually in bed by 9pm. At least Roxy makes the effort. I’m afraid Jack stays under the covers until I drag him outa bed 🙂

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  4. Oh I WISH I were a morning person.
    Morning people function as society is set up.
    I do not. lol
    I grog about all morning, busy, but groggy. I take my exercise in the mornings, but groggy. I write in the morning, but groggy. I come to life around THREE IN THE AFTERNOON, which is when I do the bulk of the housework, cooking, baking. Here it is, 11:46pm, and I’m like, “Doesn’t another cuppa herbal tea sound nice? I wonder if there’s anything good on the dvr?”

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