Just Jot It January 1st- Persnickety.

I am excited to be taking part in Linda’s e where we get to write a post a day throughout the month of January. We can choose whether or not to use the prompt words as we wish. Why not have a go, as it is not too late to join in.

Now I don’t think that I am a ‘persnickety’ person at all. In fact, I would go as far as to say that I am quite easy-going. However, I looked at the word for today and thought that something was not right. It didn’t look quite right to me but I was not sure why. After all. ‘persnickety’ was spelled correctly, but something was off. Then I found it. That hidden ‘s’ that had sneaked in.

You see, over here in the good old UK,  we say ‘pernickety’ and that is what I am going to stick to. I know North Americans say ‘persnickety’ but I don’t like that ‘s’ so am going to ignore it!

So yes I am pernickety, and in fact, whilst we are on the subject, I also get mad about the apostrophe. Yes, such a small and inoffensive little thing, but it can cause me to get very cross when incorrectly placed.  Cafe’s over here love to advertise their ware’s, using my little friend with joyful abandon. Who wants burger’s and chips? They sell tea’s and coffee’s too you know! Grrrrrr enough already!

Do you realise how much it pained me to write that? Hmmm, I am far more pernickety than I thought over things that most people just laugh about!

47 thoughts on “Just Jot It January 1st- Persnickety.

  1. Well a wacky wordress is allowed to be pernickety. And yes those apostrophes would make me pernickety too.I like some of the UK rules/spellings better than US ones and I use them occasionally – author’s liberty. For example, in the US eyeing is spelled eying. To me that looks just plain wrong. So here’s to being pernickety. Fun post, Judy.

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  2. I love this post being from the UK too I noted the different spelling of the word but manage to grit my teeth and use it …. I am most proud of you for sticking to your guns! I did tell Linda that we spell the word without an S!
    As for apostrophes don’t get me started. Great post! xx

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  3. I’m with you on the apostrophes – two other things get my dander up as well:
    1. the use of ‘less’ when people mean ‘fewer’
    2. And saying things like ‘I should of’ instead of ‘I should have’
    Grrr they really get me going – pedant – me?!

    I wish I could be that pernickety about keeping the house tidy though!
    Great post, great challenge, good luck! xxx

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