Just Jot It January 3rd – Frozen

The following post is in response to Linda’s Just Jot It January. If you haven’t  already checked it out, please do so. It is a great way to get the blogging juices flowing!

One of the joys of a British winter is often waking up in the morning to a thick coating of frost everywhere. For many of us, this means  standing outside in the freezing cold with a scraper, scratching away with numb fingers. Poor Mr Grump, he did use to suffer out there  whilst I drank my tea, impatiently waiting for my car to be ready! Luckily this year has been much milder and we have only had the odd icy morning.

We took the decorations down on New Year’s Day, and Mr Grump was climbing up on furniture unpinning all the lights that were around the room. I meanwhile was undressing the poor old Christmas tree. I heard a loud ‘thud’ and a bit of swearing, and spun round wondering what had happened. Mr Grump was squatting on the chair clutching his head, frozen in pain. I however, was stuggling to control my lips from twitiching.

He is a bit of a drama  queen when he hurts himself, and was talking through clenched teeth, telling me he hit his head on the celing. I had already gathered this, but him crouching there statue-like, hands over his head was playing havoc with me trying to keep up a sympathetic wife face. I finally managed to prise his hands off his bald pate to see a pinhead sized piece of skin had been scraped off. How disappointing, I thought there might have at least been an egg sized lump after the fuss he made!





21 thoughts on “Just Jot It January 3rd – Frozen

  1. Men do seem to react in extremes. Either everything is the end of the world or, like my best friend, he can have blood dripping off his fingers and say, “Oh, look at that. I wonder when that happened?” 😛
    Still haven’t undressed my tree. Sounds like a project for today. 🙂

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  2. Dressing and undressing the tree seems like a yearly affair. 😀 Setting it up was full of joy and excitement, but undressing it may be tiring. Then we often wonder why we hung so many ornaments in the first place… haha.:D Glad to know that Mr Grump is fine. He did a wonderful job. 🙂

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  3. I shouldn’t dare say this to a nurse, but sometimes the tiniest wounds hurt so much. It’s a common problem in our house. I mean, recently, I cut my hand on the edge of a can, and it stings so much, I can barely wash dishes 😉

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  4. I’m thinking perhaps Mr. Grump is feeling a bit envious of those new patients of yours and wants to be sure he’s still First on your list! (Though very much agree it is a difficult thing trying to reign in our mirth!)

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  5. Ooo! Undressing? Oh, you said the tree 🙂
    Ours came down yesterday (apart from Angela) and it took us all day to take everything down, pack it all away and then hoover up the mess. Still, I’m sure we will do it all again in 330 days time.
    Hope Mr Grump is better. You’ll have to put a plaster on it, Judy.

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  6. Judy, it’s so much fun putting up the tree than undressing it. Poor Mr. Grumps *men’s pain threshold is almost zero, except when they are beating themselves into pulp in the name of boxing/wrestling* Now, as a dutiful wife, do look after that little scrape of skin 😉

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  7. Awh… poor Mr. Grump😨….. I understand your struggles to keep it together…😆
    I might take the decorations down today and also undress the tree…. Always glad when it is done again. Have a nice Sunday, Judy, and take good care of Mr. Grump😉!

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