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I came across the Daily Posts Prompt for today which was to write about fashions that you love, and from what era they come from.

I am sure most of you know by now that I love the 80’s! Now, I actually like the music from that era, but at the time, I embraced the whole lot. The clothes, and the hair styles, I even tried the make-up too, but I have never been skilled in that department, and the 80s makeup called for a lot of colour and a few hours to spare!!

The one thing I have always loved (and still do) is a bit of sparkle. If it has glitter and/or sequins then I am going to love it. At Christmas in particular, I would probably end up looking more garish than the Christmas tree fairy! As you can see from the photo, I was decked out in top to toe gold! The long, pleated skirt and best top were made of this kind of smooth, slippery material. My hair was the result of a failed ‘spiral perm’ that was popular in the day, and the colour seemed to match perfectly to my outfit!

I seem to remember wearing a lot of shiny dresses in the 80s of bright, vivid colours, banana yellow being a particular favourite. There was a lot of variety around at the time, as I also used to love my frilly shirts, jeans and pixie boots. The jeans had red piping down the side, and we used to have these canvas belts of all colours that we would wear too.

Of course, there were ‘ra-ra’ skirts too. although I did have one of these I was not too keen as they didn’t seem to flatter anyone, and certainly made me look pretty dumpy.

Although my school was pretty strict, especially with regards to uniform, I did manage to get away with wearing a pair of grey corduroy trousers that I I had taken in to make them even more of a ‘drainpipe’ style than they already were. Other than that I wore a pencil skirt, but me being me, got told off for ripping the split that was in the back of it even higher. (I never was ladylike,  always running up stairs two at a time, with no thought for the confines of the skirt! More sewing when the teachers noticed and I got told off.

Looking back, some of the fashions seem so ridiculous now, but at the time I was in my element!


46 thoughts on “New Sensation

  1. Well, it wasn’t the 60’s but the style of the 80’s wasn’t that bad.ABC with Gold suits and Adam Ant with the Highwayman costume.At least you had colour. I love the 80’s music as you’ll often see from my blog I think that’s when I woke up again after the 60’s had gone.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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  2. Looking at all these comments and knowing my own feelings (same as yours and all your commenters) I do have to wonder why the 80s ever went out of style…….things were so fun! Love that pic, Edwina. You really were in your element. I will spare everyone my hair perm pic……some things I really wish I hadn’t tried at all………ugh.

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  3. It’s only recently I’ve liked any kind of sparkles, and even now, at a minimum. I have never sported a sequin. I can’t imagine what we were thinking with all the blue eyeliner and mascara…nevermind the hairspray. Do you remember the smell of wet hairspray and smoke in the shower the morning after? lol
    I didn’t love the 80’s fashions, but I do laugh at my girls sport those same trends.
    I am a boring, boring dresser. Many solids, few tiny patterns, classic, for the most part, timeless stuff. I think my shoes are the only trendy things in my wardrobe…

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    1. I do remember the smell of wet hairspray and smoke! I am a much more conservative dresser now, and wear a lot of black, apart from in the summer! I love shoes too but can’t wear too high a heel nowadays. I think there is a lot to be said for being a classic dresser 🙂

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  4. Oh, good old 80s 😍 I loved them. I loved the 80’s style of clothes (except the shoulder pads) and I loved the hair styles, make up, and everything! Still have those belts😊 I used to color my nails with all the neon colors (if you call it ‘neon’). Great that you wrote about that… what a nice trip back to a fantastic time, sis!


  5. You know I’m with you on the 80s love, Judy! I remember no bright color being off-limits, even neon yellows, pinks, & greens. I seem to recall wearing some sparkly things and an awful lot of spandex (which I thankfully know better than to try to squeeze into these days). Thanks for the fun post & trip back in time!

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