Just Jot It January 7th – Robust.


An interesting word for Linda’s Just Jot it January challenge today. Although it has several meanings, the one that I most associate with this word is strong, resilient and hard-wearing.

I think that this actually pretty much sums me up, even down to my physical build. I have been described in the past as ‘stocky’ which did not impress me at all, but I am quite solidly built and pretty strong, so robust would fit the bill much better.

I have never thought of myself as a strong woman in personality. In fact, I can be very emotional, a worrier, and take things very personally. That coupled with anxiety and depression made me consider myself extremely weak.

However, in a conversation with my younger sister this week when I was feeling pretty rotten, she told me that I could get through as I was a strong person. I disagreed, but then she reminded me of some pretty awful times in my past where I have had to drag myself back up, and carry on. I stand corrected. I suppose I am strong after all and despite being a bit bashed from life’s knocks, pretty hard-wearing to boot!



37 thoughts on “Just Jot It January 7th – Robust.

  1. Anyone who lives with depression and keeps going no matter what is strong and robust. It needs so much strength just to get out of bed when the darkness hits. Unfortunately depressed people often do not see that….

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  2. I’m small, but I’ve got the back of a peasant farmer.
    I’m anxiety-ridden and have weak immunity, but here I am still.
    Surely this conveys strength, not just for me, but for you as well.

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  3. Well, I’ve never even met you, but I think you’re strong, brilliant, kind, supportive, and certainly somebody I’m looking forward to meet at The Bloggers’ Bash this year. In fact, I’ve reserved you a seat next to me! πŸ™‚


  4. Judy, You are the definition of strength and grace. As a person who experiences worry and anxiety frequently, I can understand your perspective to a certain degree. The outstretched arm holding a glass of water doesn’t get tired after a few seconds or a minute, but after a while that glass of water becomes heavy. Managing anxiety, etc, over time is challenging; however, despite the weight of it, you create lightness and laughter with your beautiful sense of humor and creativity. Judy–You are strong….and much admired. πŸ’— xo

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  5. Wow. This pic/quote really caught my eye when I was scrolling down through my Reader…….hadn’t heard it before, but I really love it. And you know what? We like you just as you are, so carry on with pride!

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  6. My walk was was once described as as farmer’s wife walk (whatever that meant!)I do stride out. Consciously I then tottered about for a week taking little steps. Ridiculous – we are what we are. Head up, chin out – and go, Judy. You’re fine.jx

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  7. That is so true! And I hear you! Only because we feel weak at times doesn’t mean we are but just that we are facing a huge challenge which is disturbing a lot …. while we are still walking. The quote says it all.

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