Write about the rusty thing

Sacha has given us the prompt of ‘rusty’ this week for her Writespiration challenge. I didn’t feel that I would be able to come up with a story this time, so I have gone with a poem instead.

I am pretty rubbish at English

And Maths was never my thing

I was always bewildered by Science

As for Music, I never could sing!

I was totally lost in Geography

History was never that clear

Religious Studies were hopeless

PE had me quaking in fear!

French was not my best subject

And Spanish I had not a clue

Cookery was never my forte

And Art was disastrous too!

So when my daughter struggles with homework

And asks me to help if I could

I tell her that I am a ‘bit rusty’

Rather than I’m just not very good!


  1. This is great Judy, you have a real talent for rhyme…and I know just what you mean about being ‘rusty’ with the homework. For me, those days are over with, thank goodness! Great take on the challenge, well done!

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    1. Thank you Hugh! I have been doing these little verses since I was very young, and always write one for members of the family when there is a special occasion or something. They are always fun to do 🙂

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      1. Ooo! They must love you when you come up with these poems for them, Judy. I’m hopeless at even getting words to rhyme. It’s always good to reward yourself and do something you enjoy doing.

        That’s what life is about.
        But I won’t shout…about it 🙂

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  2. Brilliant Judy! So funny! I was actually just thinking that once Lil Man starts Secondary, I won’t be much help! And as I read your previous reblog of the prompt, my first thought was that I’m rusty in many school subjects lol!

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      1. HA HA! Oh those phonics! I remember those as I downloaded a load of stuff when my daughter did it and was going around the house sounding demented going “ba ba ba ba” or something, and doing weird gestures!

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