The Great Book of Lists Chapter 1.3: The List of Desires


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This week’s list for La Duchesse d’Etat’s Great Book off Lists  is all about our hopes and wishes for 2016. Not necessarily specific goals or resolutions, just things that we would like to accomplish. Here is mine:

  • Attend the Annual Blogger’s Bash  in June. I am hoping to be able to go this year. It will be so exciting meeting up with fellow bloggers who I have come to know over the past year and a half. Many of you already seem like friends that I just haven’t met yet and I am so looking forward to actually seeing you in the flesh!
  • I’d really like to get stuck into editing and re-writing the book that I did for NaNoWriMo. I have had some really helpful and constructive feedback to what I have done so far, and this has spurred me on to want to make something out of it.
  • Get a grip, and make some lifestyle changes. I know this sounds like a resolution and it is, kind of, but I actually need to do it for the sake of my health. Luckily, there are two blogs that I follow that are very helpful here. Sally gives loads of helpful information and tips about nutrition, and I know I can ask her anything aout diet, and she would be able to help, plus she has been on a huge weight loss journey herself so understands the problems that can arise, trying to lose weight. Likewise Colleen, with her ‘Mindful Mondays’ gives advice, encouragement and support to those of us that are trying to embark on a healthier lifetsyle.
  • Take a few more Future Learn courses. I do love these little mini courses, as they are so interesting. I know I have mentioned them before, but for someone like me, that likes to learn about all kinds of different things, these bite sized lessons can give me a little insight into all sorts of subjects, and feeds my brain the knowledge it craves!
  • Get down to the beaach more often! Despite only living about twenty minutes or so from the seaside, I hardly managed to get down there last year, for one reason or another. This year, I am going to make the most of it!

49 thoughts on “The Great Book of Lists Chapter 1.3: The List of Desires

  1. Judy, what a positive post! Of course, you will accomplish all your desires. You just take your time and make a few changes here and there and POOF! you will be on your way! I so wish I could make the bloggers conference in London! I would be there with bells on! ❤

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  2. I wish I lived near the beach. When my daughter lived in Florida, she went for the sunset every day. Wish I could make Bloggers Bash and meet you. Hug Ritu, Hugh, and Sasha for me. Oh, and I love Sally and Colleen, too!

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  3. Indeed, Sally and Colleen are both awesome! I do so hope you get to go to the Blogger Conference. Since It held in England, last time, you have the advantage of home country!
    More seaside- definitely!! That should help with your moods too, to get more Vitamin D!!

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  4. Those of us who are landlocked cannot fathom being close to a beach we never use. I lived 2.5 hours away from the beach in Georgia and I went 20 times a year at least! (Less when The Mister was home, he doesn’t love the beach because there is something dreadfully wrong with his soul. lol)
    My parents live like AT the beach and they never go anymore. SO hard for me to relate!

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  5. Such a great list, Judy. And I love the posts of both Sally and Colleen, providing such great tips.

    One note…living so close to the sea and not getting there…is the very sad part of your post for me. One thing I most missed about moving about the U.S. is the east coast, especially as we drifted away from the ocean. One day, I hope to live so close that I will worry about summer storms, hurricanes, tidal waves. 💕

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