writespiration-76 F*** Balls, Grow a Vagina

Image by Sacha Black

I loved Sacha’s post today combining her 1000 speak and Writespiration prompts. Her mini rant on the expression ‘grow some balls’ set me off as well, and I decided that my contribution would be a poem on this subject. I then realised that actually, the prompt was to write about a struggle, but never mind, I think it still fits!

A quick word of warning. If you are offended by references to genitalia then this might not be for you!

When it’s time to’ man up’

We are told to ‘grow to a pair’

Balls will make us stronger

But that’s not very fair!

Why are they so special?

To make us act so tough

In those awful moments

When life gets really rough.

Gonads are quite tender

And one kick in the jewels

Can render someone helpless

Plus make them look such fools!

 Women are much stronger

There are no ifs and buts.

We have to push a child out

Despite the rips and cuts

You don’t find women fretting

On having to wear a box

Scared that being sporty

Will break their precious cocks!

If you want to show some strength

Balls are pretty minor

I suggest you ‘woman up’

Grow yourself a  vagina!


69 thoughts on “writespiration-76 F*** Balls, Grow a Vagina

  1. THIS IS BLOODY BRILLIANT. You are SOOOOOO good at poetry, I properly lolled it’s exactly my kind of humour. That line about breaking their cocks – I nearly inhaled my drink!! too good.


    1. Well, you started me off with the title of your post! I thought that was what we were to write about, and it wasn’t until I had nearly finished it that I realised the prompt was to write about a struggle! Still, I had such fun doing it (rhyming ‘vagina’ was a bit tricky), that I just went with it in the end! Glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Just catching up with your posts Eddie – utterly BRILLIANT!!! I’m serious about that EBook! What a great collection of poems you have.
    I have enjoyed all the comments too and chuckled my way through them.
    A HooT!

    Liked by 1 person

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