Just Jot It January 20th – Surreptitiously


I do love the sound of today’s prompt word for Linda’s Just Jot it January, ‘surreptitiously’. The fact that it is rather sly and sneaky, stealthy and secret (sorry, I am getting into Wacky Word Wednesday mode), appeals to me.

I am pretty rubbish at trying to do things on the quiet, as my ham-fisted attempts at being unobtrusive very often fail miserably. I remember years ago when I was staying at a friend’s house, trying to creep in unnoticed from a night out, so as not to wake everyone up. The combination of a few drinks, low lighting and my natural ability, had me banging into things, wincing as something clattered to the floor, then being unable to stop laughing at my friend’s cross expression, ensured that the entire household knew we had arrived.

When Miss Hap was little, she was a very fussy eater and hated vegetables. I worried about getting them into her so would mash them up, mix them with other foods she liked or try to make a picture on her plate, you know that using a tomato for a nose or broccoli for hair, stuff like that(I never said I had a good imagination, and my creativity only applies to words)!  It never really worked very well; she was far too smart for my amateurish attempts to trick her into eating her veg.

No, it seems that being surreptitious is not something that I am cut out for. Shame really, as I rather fancied myself as a Secret Agent!


17 thoughts on “Just Jot It January 20th – Surreptitiously

  1. Ha sounds like me as a teen as well. I never really had a curfew, but still I always attempted to sneak in quietly. My young self could never figure out how I was caught every single time. I thought I had the perfect spider man skills silently crawling up stairs.it wasn’t til years later when I ended my diva dressing ways did I understand. Heels clicking on the floor. I wore metal jiggle belts that I failed to realize mad awhole lot of racket. Lol, secret spy will never be in my book.

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  2. Haha…. I imagine you silently tiptoeing 😂 The more silent I want to be the more stuff I drop. And it doesn’t matter how much light there is around and also when I am sober… lol! And that food thingy never worked over here either! Never! Kids are not dumb only because they are small… haha!

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