Wacky Word Wednesday

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Welcome to another Wacky Word Wednesday. I have a really great sounding word for you today, which is another one that always makes me smile when I hear it. I think it is a word that is still used quite a bit, I know I enjoy saying it when I get the chance!

Squabble. Now this is an argumentative type of word; a set-to or a scrap, perhaps a petty dispute or disagreement.  It makes me think of a couple of kids scrapping over  some sweets or rowing over the remote control.

It is a trivial tiff or a frivolous fuss about nothing. A storm in a teacup really, quibbling and quarrelling over minor matters!  Hmmm, a bit like me and Mr Grump when we bicker over whose turn it is to make the tea!

31 thoughts on “Wacky Word Wednesday

  1. Yes, squabble is a great word. My hubby and I squabble sometimes over who’s first in the shower. We alternate, and the last one in cleans it. Although it’s almost lunch time, I’m sitting in my PJ’s now waiting for him to finish so I can shower and get dressed. It drives me mad that he has his so late. It’s a good job we’re retired.

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  2. I haven’t heard or used that word in a long time. I connect it with my mother. I believe she used it. Such as “The boys have had a squabble so they are not playing together right now.” I like it. I might try it out on my grandchildren. I’ll have plenty of opportunity to say, “Don’t squabble.” That will get their attention. Thanks for reminding me.

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